A Freshman’s Experience on the SNU Softball Team

A Freshman’s Experience on the SNU Softball Team

Next semester, SNU’s softball team will start their season, and the team is going to need the students’ support. With this being the freshmen’s first year playing for a college team, it’ll be expected for some to be on the sidelines, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t make an impact on the team. While most freshmen sit out, they can help cheer for their teammates. Furthermore, freshmen on the sideline can learn from their more experienced teammates on the field by how they play and their effective techniques. Observing players on the other team can also be beneficial in learning their strategies and how they differ from their own team.

I interviewed a freshman softball player, Jentry Henderson, and the head softball coach, Brian Madden, to hear about both of their experiences with softball. For a team to have a successful season, it’s important to have good chemistry with your teammates. I asked the two, “How do you feel about the team?” Henderson responded, “We have the best team chemistry. We all help each other.” Coach Madden added, “I feel really good about our new players. They’re one of the best and most hardworking players. This freshman group is special.” 

I then asked Henderson if she thinks the team creates a positive environment. Henderson responded, “They’re amazing! If my teammates see each other at lunch, they invite everyone to their table. We even do Bible studies and bond outside of softball.” Coach Madden added, “The upperclassmen help the freshmen with practice and act as examples for them to follow.”

Henderson and her teammates have prepared well for the upcoming season. She said, “We’ve been doing 6 a.m. workouts and practices. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we have one-on-one time with the coaches.” From my interview with Henderson and Coach Madden, I learned that softball is a sport that can help students create strong bonds with teammates, find purpose, and make friendships outside of the field. Softball is also just a fun game that can be recreational, and anyone can enjoy it for its wide appeal.

Finally, I asked Jentry and her coach, “Why do you think students should come to your games?” Henderson answered, “Truly, we have the most upbeat teams. We have a different level of focus and excitement, and we all want to have fun and play the sport.” Coach Madden added, “Softball is one of the fastest, most intense, and most emotional sports…it is a great sport to be a part of and to watch.”

Students who want to see the team play can check out their schedule at snuathletics.com


Photo by SNU athletics