What Students Can Do Over Fall Break

What Students Can Do Over Fall Break

As fall break approaches, a lot of students are ready to take time to relax and be with their friends and family. Many will travel home, however, not everyone has this opportunity. Fall break is only two days long so for many students it is not worth traveling home and easier to remain on campus. Other students do not have the option to go home because of work. No matter the reason for staying in Oklahoma, there are many cheap activities in the Oklahoma City area that can be a great way to spend your fall break. 

As college students, spending money is something that we try to avoid. We are already broke, so it is best to always seek out the cheapest option. I asked junior, Jayla Johnson what some of her favorite cheap restaurants are in Oklahoma City and the first thing she responded was, “I love Mexican food! My favorite spot to eat is down the street; it’s this place called Michi Neveria Y Paleteria.” I asked her what she loves so much about their restaurant and what makes them different from others and she instantly replied, “They are really cheap, and they give a lot of food that makes me full every time. They never disappoint!” Inside the restaurant, there is also a place to buy Michi Ice which means that they have dessert ready for you after a hearty meal. 

Senior Ashleigh Brooks was born and raised in Oklahoma but currently resides out of state. I asked her what events Oklahoma usually hosts in the fall and she replied, “There is a Folklife Festival that is going on this weekend! It’s fun! I went to one last year!” I asked her what the festival consisted of and she responded, “The best part of the festival is they’re free and open to the public, and it’s also a great experience to learn about different cultures and traditions!” This event will be hosted this Saturday, October 21. 

As it gets closer to Halloween, there are a lot of scary movies and fall movies that are coming out. A couple of movies that will be in theaters over fall break are The Nun Part Two and Dark Harvest, while streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime, and others will have many of the classics to watch at your disposal. Movies are a great way to relax and chill while having a restful fall break.

Many things are cheap and easy to do while on fall break. Every student deserves to enjoy their break and have fun even while they are away from home. Remember to take some time to indulge in these activities and rest!

Photo by Marco Arturo Delgado on Google

Michi Neveria Y Paleteria, Photo by Marco Arturo Delgado on Google

Folklife Festival Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma Folklife Festival, Photo by Oklahoma Historical Society



Featured Photo by Matt on Unsplash