What’s SNU with Chapel Announcements?

What’s SNU with Chapel Announcements?

With a whole new school year comes many new renovations. We all know about the brand new addition to our campus, the J.D and Mary West Science Laboratory, as well as the revamped SNU dining, but you may have also caught one subtle change: Chapel announcements.

Kevin Nixon and Austin Jenkins took to the screen as the New SNU News reporters. SNU News is a short news video played during the beginning of chapel that covers all the coming SNU events; this includes things like TWIRP, football games, Faith and Film, Lip Sync and more. Last year the comedic duo was none other than Tyler Copeland and Clay Milford, who made sure everyone was up-to-date on all campus activities that take place throughout the year. Just recently, familiar faces Nixon and Jenkins have taken their places.

So, what exactly is “snew” with SNU News?

Many changes are being brought to the table about how the new SNU News is going to be conducted. It is important to keep in mind that nothing is quite set in stone yet, as the 2014 Fall Semester has just begun and Banning Dawson, the producer of SNU News, is still working with the rest of the news staff to tie up any loose ends. However, what we can expect to see in the SNU news is shorter videos.

“In the past, the SNU videos were usually five minutes long,” SNU news sports reporter Kevin Nixon said during my interview with him, “For the sake of chapel and Blair, we want to keep the videos direct and straight to the point. They’ll still be funny, but we’re going to cut it to about two minutes.”

As well as saving time, the new SNU news plans on using more people every now and then. However, the details of this are still being sorted out, and nothing is quite yet official.

“We are still not sure who we’re going to use in the videos; the concept is still up in the air,” Nixon stated, “but the way the videos are going to be done will be more consistent.”

This year, SNU News would like to incorporate a more “SNL News” feel, complete with backdrops and microphones, and possibly even live footage at the site of the news coverage.

If you’re curious about the NEW SNU news and what they plan on doing next, be sure to visit chapel every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:50 a.m. for credit, laughs, and all in all, an incredible worship experience!

[author image=”http://echo.snu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Celeste-Forrest-Bio-Pic.jpg” ]Celeste Forrest, Staff Contributor [/author]