When Should You Start Listening to Christmas Music?

When Should You Start Listening to Christmas Music?

Is it Halloween that marks the beginning of the Christmas season and the time to listen to holiday tunes, or is it Thanksgiving? Can you listen to Christmas music all year round? These are the types of questions that are brought up every year around the holiday season.

For many, the thought of hearing “Jingle Bells” and “All I Want for Christmas Is You” as soon as Halloween ended was exciting. The argument in favor of an early start often centers around the desire to extend the holiday spirit for longer than just the month of December. However, others prefer to hold out on Christmas music until after Thanksgiving or even later. 

That’s the opinion of SNU student, David Omosigho, who said, “I just don’t feel it’s Christmas season until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is its own holiday, so why are we overshadowing it by jumping the gun on listening to Christmas music?”

Many on this side of the argument want each holiday to have its moment in the spotlight, and we should honor each holiday individually. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around gratitude and reflection and doesn’t need to be overshadowed by the jingles and tunes of Christmas. This aims to preserve the integrity of each celebration and give each holiday its own dedicated space and time. 

However, others think quite the opposite, and they believe that the holiday season begins whenever you want it to begin. They are not ashamed to say that they listen to Christmas music from the minute the temperature begins to plummet, and when fall weather starts to make an appearance around October. 

SNU Student, Ali Francis, is a firm believer in this. “I love Christmas music, so why not listen to it whenever? It just makes me happy, especially as we get closer to the holiday season.”

The timing of Christmas music can help play a role in shaping your holiday experiences and getting you into the holiday spirit while delaying it can heighten the anticipation of Christmas making it more meaningful. Nevertheless, playing music early can bring a sense of holiday joy and warmth as it extends the festive spirit. It can also bring a sense of comfort and serve as the perfect backdrop as you prepare for the holidays throughout the months.

Ultimately, the decision on when to start listening to Christmas music is a personal one, influenced by your own personal preferences, traditions, and your desire to begin creating a festive atmosphere for yourself. Some find joy in the music when the weather begins to turn cold, while others prefer to wait for the time to be closer to Christmas. However, the perfect time to start listening to Christmas music is what brings you the most joy and adds the perfect amount of Christmas cheer for your holiday season.

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Photo by Julia Benn, Hill’s Resident Advisor, poll from her residents


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