You can help The Arrow’s staff capture the school year

Arrow editor Audra Marston (right) and Echo assistant editor Ronna Fisher (left) pose at the 2012 NSI Fair publications booth. Photo by Kyle Pierce.

By Audra Marston, Arrow Editor

It is that time of year again; time to pick a new yearbook editor for your school! And it could be you, or that guy who was in that thing, or even the girl in that class. Being a yearbook editor is about having a desire to help you and your classmates remember their college days and giving their great grandkids something to look back and smile (or laugh) about.

I was selected as the Arrow editor for this 2012/2013 school year and have found it truly rewarding as I have learned so much about the awesome people on our campus and enjoyed capturing and preparing to share some of this year’s highlights.

You don’t have to have yearbook experience to apply for yearbook editor. Do you enjoy photography? Design? Writing? Going to all kinds of fun events? Leadership opportunities? This opportunity is for you. I only worked one semester on the Arrow staff before becoming editor. These past few months have been a  great time of learning for me and have really forced me to push myself and proven to be rewarding as things come together.

The job of editor is important, but there wouldn’t be a yearbook without the collaboration of the entire Arrow staff: photographers, copy editors, business manger, illustrators, and those who do a bit of everything! Capturing an entire school year is a big undertaking and it takes a team. The Arrow staff can always use another set of talents and perspectives. Even if you think you aren’t ready to take on an editorship, you can get involved by joining the staff – either for course credit or for fun.

All of this to say, being your yearbook editor has been a blessing to me and I highly recommend applying for the position if you have any interest at all.  Applications are due February 15th by 5pm. You may contact Melany Kyzer for more information. The position comes with a scholarship and you must have completed at least 3 semesters of college and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply for editor, but anyone can join the staff and gain experience.

The Arrow staff could still use help to finish up this year’s book. If you have any interest in helping, even part time taking pictures at a few events or writing some captions, contact me (Audra Marston) or Rhonda Crutcher for more information. We’d love to have you! What ever you do, I hope you each find a place on campus to get involved and make some amazing memories.