Your Guide to Surviving TWIRP

Your Guide to Surviving TWIRP

Ladies of SNU, it is that time of year again: the time for creativity, silly ideas, awkward smiles and searching Pinterest like crazy to find the perfect way to ask that special guy to TWIRP. This year, TWIRP will be at Arctic Edge Ice Rink, and the costume theme will be Disney on Ice.

The TWIRP Dance is a long-time tradition at SNU filled with friends and making memories.  Standing for “The Women are Required to Pay,” the women of SNU break down gender roles and take on the challenge of asking someone out on a date in some of the wackiest ways possible.  

If you are a girl working up the courage to ask “That Guy” (you know the one) or even if you are not planning to pursue a date, here is your guide to surviving TWIRP season!

First off, something many past TWIRP goers stress is that you do not have to ask out someone you “like.”  Going with a friend can be just as fun. In fact, you don’t have to ask anyone to go and still have a great time.  

For those of you students who don’t want a date and are thinking of going to TWIRP solo, take Senior John Zehr’s advice:

“Go in a group! Have a good time- it’s a really fun event! Going to these events lets you take part in the community that makes SNU great.”

If you do have someone in mind you would like to go with, grad student Kaitlyn Janka has some great advice on what to remember when asking a guy out:


“Be brave! It’s actually a terrifying thing to do, especially if it’s someone you don’t know well. But just do it!”

Janka also offered a solution for the inevitable nerves one may feel when asking anyone out:

“If you are nervous, get a friend to help you ask someone. Having help gives you some confidence!” Janka took this advice herself when asking out a friend (now boyfriend) to TWIRP last year.

TWIRP is another great way to get involved and have a fun experience here at SNU.  Make sure to get your creativity flowing and ask someone or get your friends together before October 12th.  Confidence is key and remember: just have fun with it!

(Photos by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash and Kristin Hardy)