Benefits of Being Single for the Holidays

Benefits of Being Single for the Holidays

Maybe it’s just me, but this time of year seems to have most people in a romantic mood. That’s fine because the holiday season brings tons of cute things for couples to do like cozy up together with warm cups of tea, go ice skating or pretend to be dragons when you see your breath outside. I’m only guessing. My own relationship status remains a solid single. Yet, I think the holidays bring certain benefits for those of us who keep the couch cozy all by ourselves.

When I think of Christmas, I first think of my family, as I’m sure many others do as well. Family is big part of the celebration at this time of year. You can’t really avoid seeing them. A plus for the single people is you only have to visit one family: your own. Which could potentially mean that you can enjoy double the amount of your mom’s cookies, finally beat your brother in chess, sleep in your own bed, wear pajamas all day and watch as many Netflix series as you can.

Collin Snitchler, sophomore, added in his thoughts on being single for the holidays instead of doing a long-distance thing.

“You don’t have to spend like hours texting or Skyping, stuff like that, when you can be spending that time with family and friends that you’re actually with.”

Christmas means a lot of family time, so if you’re single, relish that time. Of course, family situations are different for everyone.

There are more general benefits to being single, such as getting to spend more money on yourself. Brayden Hunt, sophomore, said, “You don’t have to buy gifts for a significant other because that can be a real pain.” Also, if you bake cookies, you don’t have to share that sweetness. The whole plate is yours. If you watch a movie, you don’t have to share the popcorn or the blanket. Basically, as a single person, the world (or the couch) is yours.

Also, you could use Christmas break as a self-improvement retreat. You can read all the books you don’t normally have time to. You can beat your personal push-up record. You can learn a new skill. You can explore a new hobby. Really, it’s all up to you what you do with your time, and that, in itself, is another benefit.

So, if you’re a little mopey about having no one to hold for the holidays, just remember: hands get sweaty. Gross.

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