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Food Policy In SNU Dining Explained

If you’ve attempted to grab a sandwich in between classes, take a banana to eat later, or pick up a cookie to eat heading out of SNU Dining this semester, you’ve probably left feeling dejected with no food in hand. Many have found, through both personal experience and tales from others, that SNU Dining has become much stricter when it ... Read More »

Bethany Is The Place For Asian Fusion

Sushi rolls

Don’t be fooled by its off the beaten path location. Ding Asian Fusion, located at 39th Expressway and Donald in Bethany is now my favorite spot for a higher scale Japanese inspired dining experience. With its elegant decor, extensive menu and moderate pricing, Ding offers a first-rate atmosphere that is matched by the superior quality of the food. I’ve now eaten ... Read More »

Flex is Best: Advice For The Food and Coffee Connoisseurs

First tip: Always be nice to the people who serve you. My Dad always taught my sister and I to be extra polite to those working in food service, because they are, literally, feeding you. He worked at a Hardee’s (fast food) and has many “horror” stories of the customers he had to deal with. I experienced some stories of ... Read More »

Video: Echo Staff Reviews Fair Foods.

Echo Business Manager Marshall Jones and I went to the Oklahoma state fair to try out the weird and wonderful culinary delights that only the fair can offer. In this “ECHO staff reviews,” Marshall takes on the cheesy bacon bombs, a deep fried snickers, the unique fair lemonade, and, the ever so crucial, turkey leg. Interestingly enough while reviewing the ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Polina Chala and Judit Mas

To get inside information on the 2016 tennis team at SNU, I sat down last week with returning player Polina Chala and true freshman Judit Mas. Polina Chala is a returning sophomore from Khariv, Ukraine. After asking her what it was like her freshman year adjusting to a new country and meeting new people, she responded, “It was a big ... Read More »

The Pets on Campus Policy

“Why can’t I bring my dog with me to college? Do I really have to leave my pet parakeet at home? Well, where else will these adorable hamsters go if I can’t keep them in my room?” All these are questions you may have heard or asked yourself while a student at Southern Nazarene University. The questions are in response ... Read More »

Nutrition Discipline in Sports at SNU

With the push forward to the GAC division II conference, SNU is making its best effort to help its student athletes succeed. With major improvement including a new turf field for the football team and a new press box for the baseball team, it is obvious the university is in the right direction. The success of the athletics at the ... Read More »

Taking Steps Toward Diet Awareness

Uncertainty about food production is a hot topic in today’s news. The younger generation is waking up and realizing that properly caring for themselves is the key to a long, healthy life. While these controversial issues on the production of food are apparent now because of the media, the truth is that many people remain uneducated on the subject. Controversies ... Read More »

Fall: The Season That Trumps All

Picture this: you are watching the steam rise from your favorite warm beverage as you sit in your comfiest sweater. Fallen leaves of beautiful colors greet your feet from the ground every time you take a step, and the sun hangs cheerfully in the sky while the birds chirp and the squirrels scatter. You are pleasantly chilled throughout the day ... Read More »

Student Discounts Available With Your College ID

Being a college student and balancing finances can be a struggle. Lucky for us, many businesses out there offer special discounts and deals for hard working college kids. Here is a list of those awesome steals, made from actual experience as well as some research. For all you shopaholics out there, there are many stores and popular clothing websites that ... Read More »

SGA Wants to Hear Your 2 Cents

Tuesday, September 8th, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the SNU Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting an event in Broadhurst Gymnasium where you can give them your 2 cents. The annual event is your chance to be heard by having a say in what activities SGA will be hosting throughout the year and helping mold those activities they ... Read More »

Arts festival to include variety of art, music, food

By Ronna Fisher, Assistant Editor For a third year in a row, Homecoming Weekend will include an arts festival which will feature the art and work of local artists, SNU alumni, staff, faculty, and students. This year there are a total of twenty-five groups or individuals participating in the festival. The first two years featured a blend of students, alumni, ... Read More »

Unusual websites to pass the time: procrastination at its finest

By Kira Roberts We all spend too much time on the Internet. But sometimes it’s relaxing to just zone out and explore what’s out there. Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest (all some of my favorites), but here are a few other sites for you to check out. Whether you are procrastinating homework, can’t sleep, or are trying to find ... Read More »