Meet the SNU Women’s Basketball Team

Women Basket Ball Team

  Our Southern Nazarene University women’s basketball team has started the season off great. As of now, they are currently undefeated with a record of 3-0. Unfortunately, they do not have home games in the month of December. Let’s meet some of our athletes.   Alexus Jones is a freshman this year, studying in pre-physical therapy. She is from Burleson, ... Read More »

Cheering on SNU


Cheerleading, according to, is “a sport involving the performance of organized cheering, chanting and dancing in support of a sports team at games.” Bethany Fair, one of our very own Southern Nazarene University cheerleaders, says, “Cheerleading makes me feel like I am a part of something much bigger than myself. We are a team that celebrates each other’s accomplishments ... Read More »

The Storm Builds

Crimson Storm Number 4

After a few difficult but well fought years, it seems appropriate to say that Southern Nazarene football is truly a force to be reckoned with in the Great American Conference. With what is now a 4-6 record, the team’s performance has led to its best season in several years. Better yet, SNU has the opportunity in the coming days to ... Read More »

Athletic Communications

SNU football field

The Athletic communications team is perfect for those of us in the communications field, anyone interested in sports management, photography, sports journalism or if you just love sports. There is a schedule that we go by listed with all the home games. Each one of us is assigned a job for each game. The jobs range from working the camera, ... Read More »

Houston Astros Overcoming Harvey

Houston Astros logo

Sports have the power to numb the effects of tragedy. Sports can have the pull to be able to help an entire city get through tragic events in life such as death and natural disasters. The Astros have been able to help the city of Houston through the latter. Hurricane Harvey was a destructive flood disaster in southeast Texas. Harvey ... Read More »

Crimson Storm Basketball 2017-2018 Insight

basketball court

Southern Nazarene University women’s basketball is coming off of a fantastic season where they claimed the sixth seed in the conference tournament. The Great American Conference recently released their preseason poll, in which SNU is picked to finish seventh in the conference. Southern Nazarene University is returning three starters from last year’s team. The team also only has two seniors ... Read More »

PowderPuff Football 2017

footballs all in a row

Saturday, October 7th was the perfect night for any sporting event. The weather was a cool sixty-five degrees. The wind was blowing in a way that was suitable for any athlete that would play sport that night. The sport of choice on Saturday was football, but it was different from any other kind of football. It was powderpuff football. Powderpuff ... Read More »

Hurricane Harvey Relief and SNU Men’s Soccer

A few weeks ago, after Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, students at Southern Nazarene University were eager to find ways to help friends, family members and even strangers who were affected by the hurricane’s aftermath. In addition to other students who served their time to spend a weekend down in Houston, the Men’s Soccer team at SNU also decided to ... Read More »

Back to Back

In 2012 , Southern Nazarene University transitioned into NCAA Division II. From then on, the team has struggled with winning games consistently. At the start of each season, the spotlight is on the team and coaches to see if they can turn that around. Well, the past two weekends they did just that. They have proven that they are capable ... Read More »

Insight into SNU Golf Team

Southern Nazarene University’s golf team has enjoyed many years of success. There have been All-Americans and All Conference players on both the men’s and women’s golf teams throughout the years. The men’s golf team has the achievement of being the first team from SNU to make a NCAA postseason appearance. SNU men’s golf also has 13 NAIA National Tournament appearances ... Read More »

The Fight for Community

Southern Nazarene University’s football team bridged the gap between students and athletes on the night of August 26, bringing people of all majors and interests together to support a common cause, the legendary fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Unlike most universities, Southern Nazarene University’s football facilities are off campus, which often creates a gap between the student body ... Read More »

Athletics and SNU

The bright lights, the sound of a crowd cheering, and an atmosphere of unity in supporting a common goal of besting the opposition in football, soccer, volleyball, etc. This is athletics at SNU. As school begins to kick off, so does sports at SNU. Regardless of being a freshman, transfer, or returning student, an effective way of getting more involved ... Read More »

How To Sports: Equestrian

I’m here again, telling you about a cool sport that I knew nothing about until a couple days ago. The SNU Equestrian Team, “The Storm Riders,” won Reserve High Point Team at last week’s show and took home many other individual awards. Ok. Yes. I know what you’re thinking right now. “We have an equestrian team? What does ‘equestrian’ mean? ... Read More »

How To Sports: Tennis

Tennis season is starting at SNU and if anyone is like me, you know nothing about tennis (or sports in general).  This is why I did some investigating. Why should you go to a tennis match? Wow. What a great question. Here are several reasons. First, the tennis team has some super cool people on it. Second, tennis is an ... Read More »