How to Apply for On-Campus Jobs

How to Apply for On-Campus Jobs

When it comes to getting a job, there are many factors students consider before applying. Some students might need a job for financial needs, so they will try to find jobs that will be flexible with their school schedules. However, it is challenging to find jobs that will allow this flexibility—fortunately, this is where on-campus jobs step in. 

To learn more about on-campus jobs, I interviewed Professor Houston, who is involved in helping students find on-campus jobs. When asked about what her role is, she responded, “I make sure that students get on board smoothly and make sure that every student that is hired is legal for the U.S..” 

Many students want to apply for jobs, but they experience self-doubt, especially if they have no prior work experience. To ease anxiety, Professor Houston said, “It doesn’t matter if you have any experience or not. You just have to do well in the interview to get the job you apply for.” Bethany Crouch, a current SNU library student employee said “[Hiring managers are looking for] someone who is reliable. They don’t mind hiring athletes; however, they need students to be upfront about when they’ll be gone. Communication with your boss will be helpful for you and your boss’ relationship.” Crouch continued by saying that on-campus jobs are, “so flexible! They understand that we’re students first.” Crouch concluded by leaving students with some advice: “Don’t take too many hours if your job requires you to talk to people. If you can do homework while working through it, then pile on those hours! Just make sure you can get stuff done.”

Students can apply for on-campus jobs by visiting the website and clicking the “Students” button. A dropdown menu will appear and from there you will choose “Career Center.” This will then show you on-campus employment opportunities. Students can also use this direct link to search for any on-campus jobs available. For in-person help, students can visit the basement level of Webster Commons in the Student Life Office where Professor Houston’s office is located. 


Photo by SNU Creative