Join MSN and Get Book Schloarship

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Multicultural Student Network looks totally different this year. Its mission remains the same: to promote cross-cultural understanding and positive relationships in support of student success while innovatively promoting the outreach, mentoring and recruitment of persons who represent the diversity of our global community, in an effort to broaden the availability and diversity of exceptional students who will become tomorrow’s successful ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Mike Hearne

Photo Provided by Mike Hearne

What is your major? Marketing. Where are you from? Bridgend, Wales What are your hobbies/interests? Reading watching and playing sports. Outdoor stuff, hiking etc What are three words that describe you? Welsh, Golfer, Skinny What is a talent that you possess? I’m pretty good with a golf club in my hand What is your biggest fear? Not a fan of heights at ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Joseph Stroud

Photo by Jonathan Hane

Get to know Joseph Stroud, Guitarist for Remedy and The Classical Guitar Ensemble: Hometown: Dodge City, Kansas (Smells like cows, it’s sad) Major: Music Business Hobbies/interests: Making sick gains and creating musical fusion. What are three words that describe you? I’m da bess What is a talent that you possess? I have a pretty great internal compass. I can find my way around the inner city ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Kaylee Piatt

Photo by SNU Athletics

Get to know Kaylee Piatt, a student-athlete with a family full of Storm Athletes including her fiancé. What is your major? I graduated in December of 2013 with my degree in Sport Management and I am currently working on my MBA. What team do you play on? SNU Volleyball. #RollStorm Where are you from? I was born in Okarche, OK but I ... Read More »

Only Old People have Church Weddings Anymore

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OK, so our son and fiancée decided this summer to have one of those new-fangled “destination weddings” where the ceremony and honeymoon are combined (in that order). I’m told it saves the couple big bucks. BUT IT COSTS THE ATTENDING GUESTS A MONTH’S SALARY! Nonetheless, we were thrilled to be among those who were invited and fortunate that we had ... Read More »

NSI Couples

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We all remember, some with pride and others with dread, our experience at New Student Institute here at SNU. All summer Misty Jaggers and her wonderful interns pray for, plan, and organize five days of amazing events and presentations designed to help freshmen and transfer students to transition more smoothly into college life here on our campus. Every year bright-eyed ... Read More »

Staff Battles for History: Applebee’s vs. Chili’s

Photo by Abby Felter.

As The Echo editorial staff gathered for the first time and began to get to know one another, some similarities and differences emerged as a result of our different backgrounds. We soon realized that many of us were from radically different places. Abby Felter and Hannah Bean are from Olathe, KS otherwise known as an Applebee’s town. Mike Vierow is ... Read More »

Album Review: Get Hurt

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Change is inevitable. In this life, nothing of earth is permanent. As many of us have discovered, musical artists are not exempt from change. One of the key factors in the marketing of The Gaslight Anthem’s new record, Get Hurt, is change. Lead singer Brian Fallon described the album as “different” in numerous pre-release interviews, insisting that the band is ... Read More »

Gaining Soccer Spirit

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I believe. I believe that. I believe that we. I believe that we will win. That’s the chant, or perhaps a better term would be war cry, that encouraged, surrounded and lifted up the U.S. national team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup this past summer. Now, I am not normally a sports person. I just don’t watch it. Much ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Natasha Fuentes


Get to know SNU Double Duty Athlete: Starting Goalie and Storm Rider Natasha Fuentes. Where are you from? Mustang/Yukon What is your major?  Business – Marketing What are your hobbies and interests? Horseback riding and reading Three words that describe you: Quiet, Laid back, Determined Greatest fear: Spiders! What achievement are you most proud of? There are so many! Being in college and owning ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Rebekah Jeong


Get to know Rebekah Jeong, a talented singer who is a part of Chorale and University Singers. What is your major? I am double majoring in Vocal Performance and Vocal Education Where are you from? I am from Plano, Texas. What are your hobbies/interests? My hobbies consist of reading books, taking long walks by myself, listening to music, and attempting to play ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Laura Quevedo


Get to know Arrow Editor and International Student, Laura Quevedo: Major: Graphic Design Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Rock Climbing, Golf What are three words that describe you? Passionate, creative, outgoing What is a talent that you possess? I can turn something good into something great. What is your biggest fear? Dying Alone. Why did you study in the U.S.? I wanted to play ... Read More »