Chick-fil-A’s Brilliant Brooklyn 

Chick-fil-A’s Brilliant Brooklyn 

At SNU, we always strive to let our staff know how much we appreciate their work and effort. Without them, SNU just wouldn’t be the same. We also want to show our appreciation for the student workers! One of these student workers is Brooklyn Word, who works at our Chick-fil-A in the Commons. 

Brooklyn is a junior majoring in business and administration. She heard about SNU through an email that told her to apply. She decided to take the chance and apply since the opportunity was given to her. In her free time, Brooklyn said that she likes to play games, paint, or watch Netflix. 

It’s very likely that you have seen Brooklyn at work and had your order taken by her. Her usual work schedule is from Monday to Friday, five to ten. She’s been working at Chick-fil-A for a semester now and doesn’t necessarily have a specific position, but does a multitude of tasks every day. This can look like running the cash register, making the fries, and cleaning. Her favorite part of her job is, surprisingly, mopping! She explained, “It’s usually quiet.” After Chick-fil-A is settled for the night, Brooklyn takes the time to soak up the atmosphere as she mops.

When asked what her favorite memory from working at Chick-fil-A was, she mentioned a time when they were blending a drink and the cup punctured, causing a mess. She said it was quite humorous when it happened. Her fondest memory from SNU was working with the football team as an athletic team manager. 

If there is one thing that Brooklyn wants students to know about her job, it’s that it has its ups and downs. It can be difficult to manage sometimes, but it also has its better times too. For her personally, she claims that the rush is the easiest part. Waiting for their downtime has been the hardest part for her as she doesn’t like not having anything to do and would rather be kept on her feet. 

Some students wanted to share some of their experiences with Brooklyn. Karla Trejo, a sophomore majoring in business, shared, “She’s a very fun, energetic, and independent individual. She’s always ready to help in any situation, and she’s hardworking.” Janice Petty, a junior majoring in general studies, also spoke, saying, “She was really helpful when it came to volunteering at BFC. She helped me understand what was going on when I wasn’t able to be there. She really helped keep me in the loop.” 

Our student workers put in their time and effort, so please appreciate them this week and let not just Brooklyn, but the rest of the employees at Chick-fil-A know how much you are grateful for them! 


Photo by Amira Cooper-Stennis