Spring Football: The Season Before the Season

Spring Football: The Season Before the Season

Spring football generally refers to college football programs holding practices and scrimmage games during the spring semester and is a very important and fun part of the football season. These practices are not part of the regular season schedule; instead, they are used as an opportunity for teams to develop and evaluate players by testing out new strategies and different plays. It is also very helpful in building the team/players’ chemistry. 

Since it is not the regular season (fall), the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, giving the players and coaches the opportunity to bond without the stress of the season. This typically takes place during March, April, and May, depending on the specific schedule of the school and conference. It is an important time for coaches and players to prepare for the upcoming season and make any necessary adjustments to their game plans.

Scrimmage games are another important aspect of spring football practices. These games give coaches an opportunity to see how players perform in a game-like situation, with the offense and defense facing off against each other. Coaches use the results of these scrimmages to determine who will fill key roles on the team in the fall. This game will be open to the public, where fans can watch the team scrimmage and get a preview of what to expect in the fall. For players, every spring practice is very important to your spot on the depth chart, and there’s a lot that goes into these practices. These practices typically consist of skill development–players work on developing their individual skills through various drills, such as throwing and catching for quarterbacks and receivers, tackling for defensive players, and blocking for offensive linemen. SNU often uses the spring to focus on strength and conditioning, with players working on their speed, agility, and endurance. 

I caught up with Coach Love and asked him how he felt about starting spring ball. Coach Love expressed his excitement for spring ball stating, “It is always a great feeling when I get to coach, and the players get to compete. This time of year is when football games in the fall are won. Young guys get a chance to take a step forward, and the older guys get to sharpen the iron.” I also asked Coach Love what he hopes to get out of his players for the season. He said, “I’m hoping that the players will all take a step forward, I want to help the players reach their potential, and any progress towards that is a win to me.” 

It is safe to say spring football is an important part of the college football season. By using the spring to prepare for the fall, teams can set themselves up for success and achieve their goals on the field. Hope to see you all at the SNU Football Spring Game!


Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash