Campus Golf is IN

Campus Golf is IN

Do you find yourself wandering the campus grounds when dark has fallen, wishing there was some kind of laid back sport you and your buddies could waste time playing while at the same time acquiring practical skills to use later in life? Fret no longer, friends. I have your solution. Campus golf has been alive and well on our campus for a few years now, but like myself many people are unaware of the sanctuary this past-time provides. It is a simple game that can strengthen your friendships and refresh your golf skills.

A few former students have spent their long nights avoiding homework and perfecting their golf swing here on campus. They have passed on their wisdom to current students. I spoke with two of those current students to get the details on this happening craze. Ryan Newman and Tyler Thornton, juniors, explained the what, why, when, where and how of campus golf.

“Whenever I get bored here at Southern Nazarene University, I don’t like to sit indoors and be bored because I feel like God gave us the outdoors for a purpose,” said Thornton. “Yes, that includes bashing the ground with the golf club.”

To get in on the ground-bashing (while still treating our beautiful campus with all the love), here is what you need to know.

What you need: friends, a tennis ball and a golf club. For best results use an iron or pitching wedge. Thornton suggested seeking out your equipment from the local thrift stores. Play with friends “so you can always laugh at each other and have a good time,” said Newman.

What you do not need: skill or experience in golf. A great thing about campus golf is that it levels the playing field so that golfers and non-golfers alike can enjoy the game. Thornton plays golf about once a week. As for Newman, “I don’t really like ‘real’ golf, to be honest.”

What you do: meet at hole 1 of the disc golf course to begin. Set the tennis ball on the ground and swing at it with the club in an effort to hit any part of the disc golf basket in as few strokes as you can. Just as the rules of golf go, the objective is to have the lowest score.

In summary, campus golf is a great activity to do here on campus because it brings friends together, it is free and it requires no skill. If you do end up getting great at campus golf, there are tournaments that you can research and potentially participate in. So, get out there and start swinging!

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