Caviar, Complainers and The Echo

Caviar, Complainers and The Echo

It is hard to believe, but it is already time to register for your spring classes. As you look over your many class choices for 2016, I would like to give you 5 reasons why you should take The Echo Newspaper Practicum next year:

5) The Echo caviar budget for next year will be increased by 10%. Ok, so we don’t have a caviar budget, but we do occasionally have sweet treats show up at our meetings. Also, in addition to the obligatory pizza at the beginning of the semester, we end the semester with an event comprised of food, fun and fellowship.

4) The Echo loves complainers. Yes, you heard me right; we love complainers and we actively search them out. Life at SNU is pretty nice, but let’s face it: we all have something around campus, be it a teacher or an event, that really rubs us the wrong way. The Echo encourages complainers to vent their frustrations by writing them down and submitting them for publication. Is the slow Wi-Fi in your dorm frustrating you? Write it down. Did the sprinklers attack you on the way to class? Write it down. Not only is the writing process helpful in releasing all your anger and frustration, you might just make a difference.

3) We love diversity. There is a place for any student on campus at The Echo. Our current staff of writers ranges from a freshman Sports Information major to a mixed martial artist who also is a devoted mother. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, we want you to write for us.

2) You only have to write one article a week. The Echo class meets for one hour a week, and each week you only have to write one article. As an Echo staff writer, you can also choose to do a video story. Even if you are new to news writing, there is no reason to be intimidated. We, the staff, are here to help you write or produce to the best of your ability.

1) The Echo is a lot of fun. I know that this probably sounds biased coming from the Assistant Editor, but I smile and laugh more in The Echo class then I do in any other class. My apologies to my professors, but the academic highlight of my week is usually The Echo meeting.

Have you read this list and you’re still not convinced or are unsure if The Echo is for you? Then stop by one of our meetings and see what we are all about. The Echo meets every Monday at 5 p.m. in room 228 of the Herrick Building. If you have any questions about The Echo you can email Summer Howard, Editor in Chief, at, or David Peterson, Assistant Editor, at

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David Peterson, Assistant Editor
David is a self-proclaimed movie snob and social vagabond of the obscure. In his spare time he enjoys referencing books that no one has read and watching movies that no one understands. It is rumored that his beard once poured sugar into the gas tank of Chuck Norris’s car.[/author]