Dear Freshman Me: Advice from students and faculty to their past selves

Compiled by Ronna Fisher, Assistant editor

Dear Freshman Me…

. . .don’t be so stressed, make friends, and have fun.  

~Melodi McWilliams, CCS Administrative Assistant


. . .don’t get married your freshman year, and find out who the teachers are that you will remember twenty years later and get in their class somehow.  

~Dr. Peggy Poteet, Chair of the English Department


. . . show up.  

~Dr. Frank Johnson, Chair of the Modern Languages Department


 . . . get more sleep.  

~Tim Rice, senior, English Spanish Translation major


. . . Appreciate your education; it’s incredible how much you can learn from being present in class.  And, you don’t have to do everything; take time to find peace.  

~Maia Brown, Junior, Elementary Education major


 . . . do your homework; you are here for the education.  Discover the things you love and pursue them.  Go ahead and cut off your hair.  And, love everyone.  

~Piper Ramsey, junior, theology major


 . . . be more outgoing.  

~Kristen Hodges, junior, social studies education major 


. . . make a lot of friends.

~Joshua Achipa, Library Coordinator of Reference and Instructional Services


 . . . Admit that you need help with life, and really commit yourself to your relationship with God, your studies, and making friends third.  And, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. 

~Katie King, Library Director


. . . become more involved on campus, take advantage of opportunities, and don’t get too caught up in being a perfectionist.  

~Jenna Johnson, senior, Human Relations major