Fall 2013 sports season: athletes’ perspectives

Photo by Kira Roberts

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief

Each sports team has the common goal of winning games and growing together as a family for the season.  However, each one has specific ideas for how to reach that goal.  Football player Michael Hicks is a senior in class and a junior on the field.

“Our goal is to win the GAC championship and create team cohesion.  Another goal is that we are always moving forward in all we do, trying not to base anything in the past seasons because it’s a new season,” he said.

Senior football player Garret Kruse said that they have had one scrimmage so far and it went well, but he believes the team will get even better from it and have another one this Friday (today).

“I know that we will surprise a bunch of people this year.  We have to be a family and believe that we can do anything that is set in front of us,” Kruse said.

Stan West, another senior football player, agreed with his teammates.

“This season, I’m looking forward to our opportunity to play every team in our conference.  Last year we were only able to play half of them, but this season will give us a good idea of how we stack up against our new competition and I think we’ll do pretty well,” West said.

West said that the quote, “When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful,” by Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas was chosen for their team this year to emphasize the value of the desire to be great.

“Everyone desires that great outcome, but few are willing to pay the price of sacrifice to earn it,” he said.

While track and cross-country haven’t had any pre-season events, Sophomore Megan Johnson said that she is looking forward to traveling with the team to meets.

“I hope that this season we can grow closer as a team in practice as well as hang out and have team dinners outside of practice.  I love that the cross-country team is always so positive and upbeat, even on race days,” she said.

Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming games and events as they begin next week with men’s soccer next Thursday versus Oklahoma Christian University.