Feature Friday: Jonathan Mason

Feature Friday: Jonathan Mason

Get to know Jonathan Mason. He is in concert choir, but have also jumped in with helping during Chapel Worship Services on guitar, and leading that as well. I am a Music Ministry Intern and have previously been interning at Mustang First Church of the Nazarene, but plan on interning at Bethany First Church this upcoming year. So I have been able to represent the Fine Arts Department both on campus and off.

What is your major? I am a Worship Arts Major.

Where are you from? I was born in Fort Smith, AR and spent the first 13 years of my life in Van Buren, AR. I then moved to McCrory, AR, which although it is a town with only 1800 people, it provided a place for the most formative years of my life to take place.

What are your hobbies/interests? My favorite hobbies? I would have to say singing takes the top of the list. I have made music my life, and I sing excessively, but enjoy every minute. Next in line would be Xbox with my wife, and of course with friends, and I love my work. I work for a technology company at PennSquare Mall and absolutely love my job.

What are three words that describe you? Honest, Adaptable, Extroverted would be three I would choose for myself.

What is a talent that you possess? I think God has given me a natural gift for music and for interaction with people. Both of which take effort from me to achieve, and to strengthen. I believe that the gifts God has given me are to be used for His work and His glory, so that’s why I am a Worship Arts Major here at the school. I love His work in my life, and long to see it come to full completion.

What is your biggest fear? I’m not sure. Probably just being a great husband, protector, provider, and priest within my own family. I am recently married to Callee (Cox) Mason, and so my biggest fear would just be falling short sometimes. Which is something I have given to God and is the only way I can find peace with it.

8. What achievement are you most proud of? Oh man, another hard one. You know, becoming a student here at SNU, finding my wife, and graduation around the corner, would be my top achievement in my 21 years. Obviously finding my wife would probably be most exciting to me, but she said yes, not really an achievement if you know what I mean.

9. What are the perfect pizza toppings? Meat Lovers! I love pizza, and Bacon is probably my favorite topping of all time, but just pile it high with sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, chicken, it doesn’t matter. I usually look for the pizza with the most meat on the menu and get it.

10. What is your life motto? I don’t know if I’ve claimed one yet. “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out it alive.” I like that one.

11. What is your top 5 favorite songs? I would like to preface this with the fact that these “Top 5” change regularly. But here it is:

1. Animals – Martin Garrix

2. I Want Crazy – Hunter Hayes

3. K-Love Fan Awards: Songs of the Year (2014 Mash-Up) – Anthem Lights

4. I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

5. Then – Brad Paisley

12. What cheers you or relaxes you after a stressful day? Comedians and Music: I would say Tim Hawkins for the cheers me, and just listening to music for the relaxation part. And often times now, just seeing Callee (my wife) will help me relax. That ones new though.