Get Connected: Kingdom Come

Get Connected: Kingdom Come

Although it’s early in the semester, the growth of Kingdom Come is expanding in the SNU community. The student lead chapel occurs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. in Cantrell Music Hall. Kingdom Come is an optional night of worship where students come together and respond freely to the word of God.

This service allows students to attend if they choose and have a different experience than the mandatory Tuesday/ Thursday chapel. Kingdom Come, being student lead, creates an intimate environment where students open their heart to share their testimony, or message of encouragement, that may be what someone needed to hear.

This week, I got the opportunity to speak with the Executive of Campus Ministries, Luke Luker.

During this time, he discussed the new changes and provided a synopsis of the service itself. What Luke had to say about Kingdom Come is that, “Kingdom Come is another place of worship, another place of rest that can speak to students in a different way than chapel.” In the previous years, students have experience Kingdom Come to be in Bud Robinson. One of the new changes Luke has made, in his position, is moving the gathering to the Cantrell Music Hall. For the time being, this change offers more of a chapel setting that helps students to instantly focus their heart on God.

Kingdom Come Serve was also an addition that took place earlier in the month during Compassions Week. Students volunteered their time to help out with the needs at the ROC: Resale Shop. More service opportunities will be available throughout the year.

One benefit of Kingdom Come is that attendance is optional.  This is not a required service for students, and because of this, it makes the experience more personal. Kingdom Come is not made around a structured traditional service. The student lead chapel changes and has the freedom to be completely different every time. By the end of the week, students may be tired, overwhelmed or still studying for a big test, and many anticipate this hour to leave their studies, or activities, to worship God.

For those who are unfamiliar with Kingdom Come, this is another chance to receive a chapel credit. Though they are held on Thursday, there is a limited amount of services per semester. One can find out about the next Kingdom Come through SNU emails, text and posters found around campus. There are many surprises coming up this semester for Kingdom Come. Don’t miss these great opportunities of worship!

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Cheyenne Reynolds, Staff Writer
Cheyenne Reynolds is a junior Sports Information major from San Diego, California. She is part of the Crimson Storm Softball team, and the Student Government Association on campus. She enjoys the beach, traveling, photography, movies, sporting events, and doing missionary work. Cheyenne has aspirations of being a sideline reporter and owning her own magazine company that incorporates both sports and missionary publishings. [/author]