Girls only: What Chick Weekend is all about

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Photo provided by Marian Redwine

   ATTENTION ALL FEMALE STUDENTS: Do you desire a deeper relationship with God? Are there issues you want to talk about with other girls? Do you like staying at hotels? Then Chick Weekend is the place to be on March 28.

   Chick Weekend will be a time full of fellowship, fun and great learning opportunities. It is being designed around what female students want to engage and take part in. The ladies of Student Development have spent the entire year planning this event to reach out to the girls on campus.

   Marian Redwine, Director of Leadership and Vocational Calling, has been a part of the planning process since day one. When asked what the idea and purpose was behind a weekend dedicated to females she said, “Simply to give the women of campus a chance to get away and dig deep into issues that matter most to women.” The focus of the weekend will be what it means to be a woman of God. “It will be a ‘safe place’ for females to get to know each other better and to talk candidly about what is important to them, their fears, their hopes, their expectations,” she explained.

   All female students are welcome to attend this event. On what girls can expect, Redwine said, “All can look forward to terrific speakers, break-out sessions asked for by our students, health information they want to know and Christian encouragement.”

   Redwine mentioned that this weekend is based around what the girls on campus desire. “The female staff of Student Development began meeting at the beginning of the year, and then we did a focus group of about 30 female students to find out what they’d like to see in the weekend.” The layout originated from focus group responses and will be, “all in the great environment of ‘girl time’ — complete with games, probably something crafty and terrific memories.”

   This weekend is not just for the female students on campus either. Redwine mentioned her excitement for the women who will be involved in this weekend. “I’m excited about the wide variety of female staff and faculty participating.  Each of them has a story, and it will undoubtedly be encouraging [and at times surprising] to find out that these women to whom our female students look up to and admire have had some hard journeys.

   “We all have to make a decision to follow Christ closely, and none of us are immune to hard times.  Choosing the narrow path is certainly not always easy, but I’m looking forward to these women sharing how it’s been worth it.”

   Sharing her hope for the weekend, Redwine said, “My hope is that our female students will walk away feeling closer to each other and more aware than ever, that no matter what their situation is, they are not alone.  My prayer is that friendships will grow stronger and relationships with Christ will grow deeper.”

   Chick Weekend will be March 28-30. The cost is $30, which will cover a t-shirt, two nights at the Crown Plaza Hotel and all meals for the weekend. It will be a great time to delve into what matters to our female students, learn from each other and experienced women and grow closer to God, as well as be a weekend of great “girl time” fun!