Growing Eden at SNU

Growing Eden at SNU

There are many events that take place on the SNU campus to help facilitate your walk with Christ. For example, every Sunday, SNU students host an event called “Growing Eden,” intended to bring a Christ-led community together to grow their relationships with God and with each other. This event started in the Fall semester of 2023 but has grown drastically over the past couple of months.

SNU student, Van Taylor, said, “God laid it on our hearts to start this type of ministry around July in the summer.” Nolan Steeples added, “We had a house church at my friend’s house, and during one of the services, I had the overwhelming presence of God to start something similar at SNU. I knew immediately I needed accountability to take action in obedience to God’s command, so I told Van Taylor, Zak Hall, and Coach Brown, all while communicating with Dr. Blair Spindle about it.” 

This ministry consists of a section of “praise and worship” at the beginning and end of the service, an open discussion about the planned bible verses for the night where everyone is allowed to speak/participate as the spirit dictates the conversation, and a prayer session. During the prayer session, students spend time with the Father and ask about any prayer requests. SNU athlete, Donavaughn Hill, says, “I recently started going to Growing Eden and it has been a great experience for me, especially just spending time with the Lord and learning His word. I like the openness of the discussion the most because it’s good to hear different points of view.” 

If you are looking for a great way to build your relationship with Christ or build a relationship with other followers of Christ, then this is an incredible opportunity to meet new people and achieve that goal. Growing Eden meets every Sunday in Bud Robinson, in Hills residence, at 7 P.M. I hope to see you there!


Photo by Jamauri Johnson