In review: The Lego Movie

Photo used under Creative Commons license
Photo used under Creative Commons license

Byron Crouch, Staff Writer


    A generic, non-special Lego construction worker named Emit is thrust into the different worlds of the Lego Universe three days before an ultimate weapon of destruction is released by the evil President Business.


    Emit is an ordinary Lego character, so ordinary that there is nothing special about him. And he is okay with that. He always follows instructions and never disobeys the rules. One day, he is suddenly attached to a relic that has the potential to save the universe from an ultimate evil weapon. Throughout the movie, Emit is fought over by good and bad guys, all the while trying to discover his own extraordinary abilities.

The Good:

    For starters, the movie is almost made entirely of Legos. Having grown up playing with Legos and spending a majority of my young allowance on them, this was especially appealing to me. Also, there are tons of inside jokes within the movie that veteran Lego owners will enjoy. While there is tons of violence (people being dismembered, blown apart, etc.) it is all in Lego, so lots of awesomeness without the gore. Another great thing in the movie is the amount of different characters used, despite the fact that some worlds of the Lego universe are not mentioned. Keep a lookout for famous characters such as Gandalf, Dumbledore, Batman and Han Solo.

The Bad:

    The only foul language was a the usage of “heck.” And that’s about it.

The Ugly:

    None. Unless you count the catchiness of the main song.


    Massive warning here: if you get songs stuck in your head easily, you are at serious risk. This movie’s theme song is one of the catchiest and cheesiest and will probably overtake “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” in a matter of weeks on the annoying meter. But don’t let this deter you; the movie is still totally worth seeing.