International Athletes at SNU

International Athletes at SNU

There are over 20,000 international student-athletes within the NCAA schools. International student-athletes add to the learning environment on campus as well as making an impact on collegiate athletics. Southern Nazarene University, being a part of the NCAA, adds to this number. With 16 athletic teams, SNU is currently home to 16 international student athletes. So let’s meet some of them!

Abeselom Mekuria, a masters student at SNU, was born in Ethiopia but has also lived in Kenya for parts of his life. He first came to SNU to pursue his education but wanting to feel like he was part of a community led him to the cross country and track team. “Being a student athlete is a blessing for me. I get to enjoy quality time with amazing teammates that push me to do my best and have a coach that cares for me in all walks of my life,” says Mekuria.


Rachael Weiss is a sophomore from Sundre, Alberta-Canada, and is on SNU’s softball team. Her favorite thing about SNU so far is all of the amazing people she has met and all of the friends she has made. “I am happy with my decision to come to the states to further my academic and athletic career. I don’t think I would have chosen anything different,” Weiss says.



Daniel Trojman is a sophomore from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is on the SNU men’s soccer team. Although he didn’t always see himself coming to the states to play soccer, the opportunity presented itself his last year of high school when he was recruited to play at SNU. “My favorite part of SNU so far has been being able to meet all different types of people, all with different nationalities. Even though I am far from home, my teammates and coaches have helped me a lot with adjusting and feeling comfortable,” Trojman says.

There are many student-athletes at SNU not just from across the country but from all over the world!

Photos courtesy of SNU Creative