New SGA exec hopes to bring athletes and students together

Jake and Jared at NSI Fair
SGA execs Jared Webster (right) and Jake O’Bannon greet new students at the NSI Fair by offering to read their minds. (Photo by Kyle Pierce)

By Kendra Nixon

The Student Government Association has added a new face to its team of student leaders.

Jared Webster, Athletic Relations Executive, is taking on the new position and hoping to make some changes for the better.

“The purpose of Athletic Relations is to effectively support student athletes through boosting attendance to sporting events while also bringing athletes and students together to create a better, more diverse community,” Webster said.

In the past, the relationship between athletes and non-athletes has been troubled because of lack of involvement on both ends. SGA seeks to mend this relationship by setting goals and making plans for the upcoming school year.
Webster said, “We want to raise the average attendance of students to each athletic event, create more school spirit through cheering sections and effectively start to close the gap between athlete and non-athlete.”
Webster and class vice-presidents Ethan Fruehling, Joel Frees and Brady Allred are working on ways to accomplish this by communicating between athletics, SGA and the student body. All SGA representatives plan to emphasize advertising and planning. Athletic Relations will serve as a liaison for all of these areas.

In the past, there have been many conflicts between athlete’s game schedules and SGA event schedules. Athletes were unable to attend events because of games and vice-versa.

A more specific plan of action was the creation of a group called the Weathermen. “This group will essentially be the student section/crazy people at games,” Webster said.

SGA along with other student leaders are excited to see the outcome of this new addition to the student government position and expect great results. Webster advised students to help with this effort by coming to Athletic Relation meetings, going to athletic events and attending SGA events.

“My goal is to provide multiple outlets for students and athletes to connect,” Webster said. “I think eventually we will all just see that the only difference between the non-athlete and the athlete is that one is playing a sport.”