Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The emotion and beauty that comes from art is so inspiring and something we cannot take for granted. Last Tuesday I was able to go check out the Oklahoma City Museum of Art located downtown. This was my first time attending, and I enjoyed the experience. The paintings and sculptures were each so beautiful and unique in their own ways.

There were two specific galleries that I liked the most in the museum. The first one is entitled, “Still Lifes, Dead Nature.” This gallery scales the paintings’ subject matter beyond its expected or natural size. This gallery stuck out to me because of the color choices the artists used and the uniqueness of the paintings. Below are a few of my favorite paintings from this gallery.

Parrot Tulip, Lowell Nesbitt                                The Ox Bow, Janet Fish

The second gallery I loved is entitled, “Maritime Art, Beach Scenes, and the Seascape.” This gallery had a lot of landscape paintings of the sea, a lot of them also including ships. This gallery stuck out to me because I think the ocean is so beautiful. I also love the color blue and seeing the different shades create the sea. Here are a few of my favorites.

Port of Cassis, Charles Camoin                       Grand Canal, Venice, Thomas Moran

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is a great opportunity to go see amazing pieces. There is something different about actually seeing the paintings in person rather than on a screen. Grab some friends and family and go check out the museum for yourself! Student prices are only eight dollars for general admission. Another place to see some art downtown is at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. This is a new arts center that is now open. I will for sure be checking it out next! Whenever you are free, go check out these wonderful paintings in person. 

Photos by: Natalie Jones