Restaurant review: Jersey Mike’s

Garvis Long, Staff writer

What’s good, SNU?

I’m not asking what’s going on with you, I’m literally asking what’s good as it pertains to food around the Bethany area.  Well, I’m here to tell you that Jersey Mike’s subs are what’s good.

This delicious sub shop was opened back in 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Today there are more than 600 locations still serving the top quality fresh taste.

Jersey Mike’s only uses the best ingredients with their food. The breads, vegetables, meats and cheeses are all prepared fresh daily. Jersey Mike’s is a restaurant I usually go to in the evening or at night. It’s a great lunch spot and can make for a good dinner.

When I went inside Jersey Mike’s on Thursday, February 15, the sub shop had a few people inside with televisions on ESPN and CNN.  Relatively quiet, it’s a perfect place for students to get some much needed study time if they need time away from the dorm or just hang out. 

It was not really trendy or old looking, but a mix of both, the “old sub shop” feel with a little new flavor added to it.

The customer service from the employees was great; they are a friendly and helpful staff who knows how to make great sandwiches to your liking.

The turkey sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches offered at the sub market. The turkey is put over one of your choices of bread piled with cheese and your choice of vegetables, oil and spices. The sub tasted so good right away. When you take the first bite, you immediately taste the fresh ingredients and the entire flavor from the meat and cheese, and the bread is flakey and soft.

You have the choice of ordering the sub size mini, regular or giant. The regular size is usually the right amount for me and costs less than the giant size.

My second favorite subs are the mouth-watering Philly cheese steaks packed with melted cheese, seasoned beef, fresh peppers and onions. They are also very tasty and filling.

If these sandwiches aren’t quite what you are looking for, then choose from one of the other delicious sandwiches, salads or wraps that have help build the Jersey Mike’s sub shop into one of the biggest sub companies in the United States.

Jersey Mike’s is a good place to go for quiet study time, has great food and is not overly crowded.

Whatever you choose, make sure you ask for it Mike’s Way.

Things to order:  Turkey breast and provolone sub

Price Range: Moderate $5 and up