SNU Brings a New Twist on Two Staple Events

SNU Brings a New Twist on Two Staple Events

Throughout SNU’s history, there have been many events that students have loved. One of them was Southern Nazarene Live, or SNL for short. SNL was a talent show students (and sometimes faculty) got to participate in. Flix was another fan favorite, a video contest where students could come together and watch short films made by their peers.

This year looks a little different. Student Activities Leadership Team (SALT), is bringing back both of these events, which have not been planned for years.

The SALT Chaplain team is in charge of both events and has decided to merge them into one major event on April 11. It will be in Herrick Auditorium and will have concessions just like an old movie theater. SIMS will also be selling baked sweets to help fundrphoto by SNU Creativeaise.

Hannah Trevino, the student Lead Chaplain, is excited to produce a new take on the events. The theme for SNL and Flix is about bringing something from the past into today, so the decorations and advertisements will have a retro, 1960s-70 feel to them. “They had been such staple events in the past, and somewhere they just got lost. Now that Blair Spindle is in his position and thinking up ideas for new events and wanting to bring some old ones back, SNL and Flix were those events that fit.”

Since SNL and Flix are morphed into one event, things will look a little different than they did in the past. The entries between both events will be split evenly, starting with a skit or a talent from SNL, and then in between skits, a video entry from Flix will be shown.

There are categories for different prizes for each event, which students will get to vote on during the event

by Olivia Lindlsy

 via a Google Form. Some of the categories include best overall video, best overall skit, funniest skit, best cinematography, and funniest video, with prizes up to $100.

There will also be MCs, or Masters of Ceremonies, that will be hosting the events. “Our hope is to get four different MCs to rotate because we know that the people we hope to appoint will also want to be part of the events.”

Hailee Thompson, the Director of SNU Creative, participated in these events when she was a student, and her favorite part of these events was seeing people being themselves as well as seeing students’ talents. “As a creative, it’s really neat to see students on campus given an opportunity to create and showcase their talent.” Another thing Thompson loved about the event was seeing the faculty and staff participate and how it brought everyone together as a university. “We used to laugh so hard we were crying. It really can be a great production if executed well, and it always felt like you were at the movies or theater with all of your friends.”

If you haven’t signed up for either event, don’t worry, you still have time! SNL auditions are March 12th and 13th in Herrick, and the deadline for Flix submissions is March 28th. Even if you don’t feel compelled to participate, you can still come and enjoy the event on April 11 and vote on your favorite skit or video! For more information, check out snulife1899 on Instagram or TikTok, or visit the Student Life office in the basement of the Commons.


Photos by SNU Creative