SNU Softball looks up when times are down

Amy Madden takes a swing. Photo by

Kendra Nixon, Content Editor

Even though the SNU softball team’s record this season says losing, their attitudes say winning.

With an overall record of 12-24, it obvious that they have ran into some trouble. But each loss was just a run or a pitch away from a win. The team is composed of talented players, but the transition into Division II has been more difficult than expected.

Sophomore captain Maci Lambert has high hopes for her team, even though they haven’t had the outcome she expected so far.

“We are a very young team, figuring out all of our strengths and weaknesses as a whole,” Lambert said. “I believe we are finally becoming cohesive and starting to shape up as a team, working more as a unit. I am excited to see how we end our season.”

The season isn’t over, however. There is more than enough time for the team to improve and win the Regional tournament, and even Nationals.

“Despite what our record may show, we have developed as individuals and as a team,” said Kaylee Allen, sophomore. “It is not how you start, but how you finish, and we believe this season has prepared us to fight and finish at the top of our conference.“

The team has been on the road a majority of the season so far, making it more difficult to play the way they are used to. Many factors can go into a loss, and traveling can be a big one.

Losing can get a team down and leave them there. But the Crimson Storm is determined to get back up and keep fighting.

“Our biggest problem this season is we don’t know how to lose,” said Kylie Lang, sophomore. “We got stuck in a hole and did not know how to climb back out. We are now learning from our mistakes and growing as a team. We all came from winning programs in the past. The majority of us have state championship rings from high school.”

Although the season isn’t going as expected, they refuse to put their heads down and give up.

“Currently we are working on execution on our team. The little things are what make the big things happen in any sport,” Allen said. “We are working on situational hitting, being able to hit behind the runner and score every time we have base runners. Everyone understands they have a job to do at any given situation in a game and we are all doing our best at completing our individual tasks to gain team success.”

“My favorite thing about playing for SNU is the family-like atmosphere my team, other sports, and the whole school brings in my life,” Lang said. “I am able to make lots of friends throughout the school, not only on my own team, but from other sports, and also non-athletes.”

Even if the season doesn’t turn out to be a winning one, the girls won’t leave empty handed. The ladies have come together despite their results and have learned that there is more to a game than winning. They have learned to rely on each other in the good times and the bad.

“Being a captain of SNU softball, I have learned the benefits of being part of a team,” Lambert said. “I love being able to lead my team and show them the dedication I have to them. I enjoy being able to still play the one thing in my life that I have always loved. I am blessed to continue my softball career here at SNU.”

As the seasons hits the home stretch in a couple of weeks, the team looks to each other and their coach for support and encouragement. They have taken advantage of their time together to build better relationships and have learned how to play as a team.

“My favorite thing about playing at SNU is playing with 16 other girls who give the glory to God every time they step on the field and who play for their team, not just themselves,” Allen said.