SNU Tonight Show Preview

SNU Tonight Show Preview

The Echo was given the privilege of getting a sneak peak of The Tonight Show. Here we have some short descriptions of the acts we saw that will either split your sides or leave you awed.

Note: Not all acts are listed, some were not witnessed and others are being kept secret for the show.

Star Wars: Skill

What would one of the most iconic Star Wars scenes sound like if it had been written a few hundred years earlier?

Lip Sync Battle: Funny

Hilarious. Prepare to have your favorite songs “performed” by your new favorite artists. They may not be singing the song, but there is so much more to a song than sound.

Stalker Song: Funny

There are so many songs about breaking up and never wanting to get back together. You know what would be nice? A song where a person wants to get back together no matter what… but maybe this is going a little too far?

80’s aerobics: Funny

An 80’s workout competition set to the best 80’s workout playlist ever created.

Tap Dat: Skill

    A showcase of skill of classical and modern songs put to dance. Be ready to be awed.

Shoulder Angel: Funny

Being an angel is probably difficult. Being a shoulder angel is harder. Imagine being one for a group of prospective robbers.

Park Pet Patrol: Funny

People pronouncing p’s with powerful predisposition!

 Dad Dance: Funny

All the classical dances performed by fathers over the ages with the sole purpose of embarrassing their daughters. But now the tables are turned.

Cheetah Girls: Skill

   A recreation of the Disney band. Tons of energy and stunts. Be ready to be wowed.

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