Springing into the New Year

Springing into the New Year

Happy 2024 and welcome back! It is so good to see your bright smiles and hear the campus buzzing with chatter about the break and upcoming semester. We are so excited to be part of your new year. You have been missed, and we hope you were able to have a wonderful and restful winter break!

When asked about students making their way back to campus, Sierra White, Hills Resident Director, said, “We are so excited to have students back on campus! Though breaks bring rest, it is always so much more life-giving on campus when our students are around. I’m ready to get another great semester going!”

Kezia Weaver, Associate Campus Pastor, shared in White’s sentiment when she said, “It is so great to have students back on campus! We love having the opportunity to live life with students on a day-to-day basis; it’s honestly the best part of the job!” 

For many, a new year sparks new goals. Some will have goals surrounding their fitness or nutrition. This can most clearly be seen in crowded gyms and long grocery store lines. Others opt for a cleaner space and better spending habits with spring cleaning and new budget plans. Overall, it seems that generally, people want to improve their health in one way or another: physical health, mental health, or financial health. Here at SNU, we hope that you also consider your spiritual health, as this can also be important to creating a fruitful and meaningful year for yourself.

Spiritual health seems like a tricky topic, but it can be broken down quite simply. For starters, spiritual health is exactly what you think it might be: the health of your spirit. In fact, your spiritual health encompasses all parts of your health: physical, mental, social, financial, etc. Your spiritual health can include studying God’s Word, worshipping in community with others, giving freely, and spreading kindness among other things. Nourishing your spiritual health is essential in loving others well, which is one of our core values as a Christian university. A strong spirit gives you a greater purpose and a closeness to God that is unlike anything else. 

When asked about how students can strengthen their spiritual health, Kezia Weaver stated, “As students come back and are wondering how to better connect with God, there are a few great ways to start this. One would be to plug into the chapel. Simply putting phones away and listening to the message would be a great way to begin deepening one’s relationship with Christ. Second would be joining a small group this semester or plugging into Kerygma and Kingdom Come. Going to these smaller more intimate chapels is a great way to build relationships with fellow students who also have a passion for knowing Christ. Students are also always welcome to just drop by our office and get to know the campus pastors! We would love the chance to meet new students and buy them a cup of coffee or a milkshake!”

If you are looking for other ways to strengthen your spiritual health, I highly recommend starting a plan in the Bible App or investing in a devotional book that speaks to you. Get some friends to join you so there is accountability and meaningful discussion about what is read each day. Here is what I am currently reading along with Katy Bradley and many others in the SNU Community. Feel free to join at any time!

As we get back into our routines and begin to prioritize our health as a whole, my hope is that we are all able to find some balance and peace in the chaos. I pray that you all have a great first day of class and are just as excited as I am for what the semester may bring and how our spiritual health may strengthen!


Photo by SNU Creative