Student Study Spaces

Student Study Spaces

We all study in different ways. Some people use music and can’t study without it, while other students prefer to study in silence. Either way, everyone has a certain study routine and place that works best for them. Around Oklahoma City (OKC) there are dozens of unique places that we as students flock to when we need to just relax and study for our upcoming test. 

You may go to your favorite place because of the people there, the atmosphere or the setting provided. Some people feel more relaxed about studying off campus to get away from the college stress if only for a short time. Others enjoy the quietness of the library or the bustling activity of the coffee shop. So to get some insight on some of the places students go to study, we asked SNU students about their favorite places. 

In questioning a number SNU students these are the results we got:

SNU Library 2nd Floor & Study Cubicles: 3 students said this was their favorite place to study

Campus Coffee Shop: 2 students said this was their favorite place to study or relax

Urban Coffee Shops: 3 students said this was their favorite place

Dorm Room: 2 students said this was their favorite place

Other: 2 students said this was their favorite place

So, looking back on this the library second floor is a student favorite, but why? Well on the second level of the library there are study cubicles that students can go in to ‘disconnect’ from what’s going on outside of homework. It’s a quiet place on campus that is devoted entirely to studying and doing homework. 

Coming in second is urban coffee shops. OKC is scattered with hidden gem coffee shops all over. Ben Gutierrez, an RA in Snowbarger Hall, talked about Eote Coffee, which is located just a few blocks from the Oklahoma City Memorial. Maggie Pigg, a freshman cheerleader, mentioned Cuppies and Joe, which is located not far from the Oklahoma State Capitol. She described the environment as “a place you can study freely and enjoy coffee, and it has a unique environment.”

So, fellow SNU students, where is your favorite study area?

(Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash)