Students’ Favorite Scary Movies

Students’ Favorite Scary Movies

The month of October is the perfect time for people to rewatch their favorite scary movies and indulge in the spooky season surrounding Halloween. Whether it is an entire movie franchise or one particular movie, nearly everyone has their own go-to when they need a good scare. 

Carlos Zapeda, a student at SNU, says the Scream franchise is his choice when it comes to horror movies. “I haven’t watched all of the movies, but I have watched most, and I love every single one of them,” says Zapeda. He added that he feels like the Scream movies “give a good balance of thriller and pop-up scares” that many other scary movies he has watched lack as they usually have one or the other type of scare.

Alan Hernandez, another student at SNU, prefers the movie, The Strangers. He says that the movie “is better than a lot of other scary movies because it’s realistic.” He also said that he “feels like it’s something that could happen to anyone going on a trip” and that it scared him much more than other horror movies when he first watched it.

When asked about what differentiates a good scary movie from a bad one, both students gave different but understandable answers. Zapeda mentioned the “feeling” he gets between both, saying, “I like movies that keep me on the edge of my seat, rather than ones that are just full of gore and things like that.” Hernandez on the other hand said, “I like movies that are more realistic. There’s a lot of scary movies that aren’t realistic at all or the characters are always doing unrealistic things, and this annoys me more than anything.”

No matter what brings you to watch a scary movie, or what keeps you rewatching it time and time again, now is a better time than ever to do so. With Halloween, the season dedicated to scares, upon us, it is the perfect time to sit down and relive the feelings that brought us to these movies in the first place. If you do not have any particular movie in mind, choosing one mentioned between the students interviewed can be a great place to start. These movies are ones that have caught the eyes of our very own students and can deliver a scare that is sure to keep you up at night. 


Photo by Nik on Unsplash