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In Review: Lights Out

Spoiler free section You know those movies where weird things start happening to kids and no one believes them. Then you’re just so upset about it and, before you know it, the whole family is dead? Lights Out, the upcoming horror movie, has an entirely different way of demonstrating this kind of plot. Put yourself into the shoes of a ... Read More »

Braving the World Outside Your Comfort Zone

How much do you love your comfort zone? My comfort zone is my favorite place in the world. It’s where I feel safe, where I know everything that could possibly happen. There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone; there’s not even anything wrong with wanting to be in it. However, there are times when a comfort zone becomes a ... Read More »

Water4 House Presents “The Drought”

The Water4 house is hosting its first haunted house this weekend. “The Drought” Haunted House will be open Oct. 30th-31st at SNU Imel Townhouse from 8-11p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and $5 with two cans of nonperishable food items. It will be two fun, spooky nights with games, activities and snacks. The address is 6716 NW 43rd St, ... Read More »