The Beginning of the Last Semester

The Beginning of the Last Semester

School is back in full swing, and for some of us SNU students, that means the beginning of the last semester. And, the last semester means one step closer to being fully immersed in the real world. At some point in one’s college journey, whether it be during the last semester, after graduation or the moment one sets foot on campus, he or she has to continually be thinking about life goals and plans.

With this in mind, even though it’s still a ways until May, I asked Seniors Jakayla Porter, Business Administration major, and Emily Burggraf, Music Business major (with an emphasis in piano), about what that process and state of mind is like.

What are your post-graduation plans?

Jakayla: Graduate school! I am applying, filling out paperwork, all that fun stuff.

Emily: I don’t have any definite post-graduation plans as of yet. Because my degree is so broad, I’m trying to narrow down what exactly I would most prefer doing. It’s nerve-wracking of course, but I trust God has a plan for my life.

Do you feel prepared – in your field or just in general – to graduate, or to “enter the real world?”

Jakayla: No matter how much you think you’re ready, I don’t think anyone is. But, it’s a whole new adventure, and I am thrilled to jump right in!

Emily: I wish I could’ve spent more time in the recording studio outside of class, but my workload made it hard to find time.

How do you think SNU has prepared you? What has helped you the most?

Jakayla: My professors are great and as much as they’ve taught me business stuff, they have taught me so much more about life, especially in this last semester. I am so grateful for professors, faculty and friends that genuinely care about me and want to see me succeed. I think that’s what they have taught me most: care about people and you will make more of a difference than any textbook ever could.

Emily: My business and studio courses have done outstanding to prepare me for after graduation. Even the people I’ve met here have been great influences on how my life will be after graduation. I’ve learned how to be a better adult through things like mission trips with Michael Houston and working in the Commons Office with some great people.

[author image=”” ] Rachel Whatley, Guest Contributor
Rachel is a sophomore music performance major and pianist extraordinaire from Yukon, OK. She likes fantasy/science fiction and is considering getting an English or writing minor.[/author]