The Freshman Experience

The Freshman Experience

The first year of college is undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for any student. This experience is no different for the freshmen at Southern Nazarene University. With the influx of students that arrive at SNU, these individuals are making a huge step into adulthood; their first experience can either make or break them. After many interviews with the 2014 freshmen, I was able to take their answers and give some advice to the upcoming freshmen of Southern Nazarene University.

What one does in their first year of college can set the tone to how the rest of his/her four years of college will be like. In order to maintain a healthy first year, one must have balance and concentration. Many students fall short when they try to take on more than they can handle. To put a spin on Voltaire’s quote, I would say that “With freedom comes with great responsibility.” It is how we use freedom that we will get the most success.

“My experience has been fantastic!” said Jessica Cornelius. “I have learned to manage my time and have learned to spend money effectively.”

Time and money management is not only a huge problem for incoming freshmen but to each upperclassman. Once one learns how to manage one’s time and money, he/she has already completed one of the hardest parts of succeeding in college. Along with managing time and money, making friends can be one of the most enjoyable or regretful decisions one can make.

“I would tell the upcoming freshmen to enjoy their first year,” said Macee Sullivan. “My most memorable moment is just having fun and meeting new people.”

Another benefit from being at SNU is that each individual student is exposed to Jesus Christ in some form or fashion. With each experience, these students have a chance to go deeper than the books that they read. With chapel twice a week and the endless amount of religion classes, each freshman has the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ in a whole new way.

“My relationship with Christ has definitely grown in my time here,” said Hannah Bell. “Coming from a public school setting to a christian university was a big change, but I feel it has brought me closer to God.”

With a healthy balance of school, friends, books and Jesus, the 2015 freshman class at SNU can make the most of their college experience.

[author image=”” ] Deanne Brodie-Mends, Staff Contributor
She is majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in English. She enjoys writing, performing spoken word, attending Church, and spending quality time with friends and family. She describes herself as outgoing and enjoys making people smile. [/author]