The Grand Canyon, Canada, and NYC: stories from Fall Break

Emily Gammill visited the Grand Canyon over fall break. Other students visited places as far away as Canada and New York City. (Photo by Flickr user DesertWanderer used under Creative Commons license)

By Ashleigh Buchanan

We get two days of school off for Fall Break. While this is a much-needed break after midterms, it’s not enough time to do a whole lot or travel very far.

Or is it?

Some students took this small break as a challenge and made the most of the few days off of school.

Emily Gammill:

“This fall break I set out with my family for the Grand Canyon with the goal of completing the Rim 2 Rim hike! The hike consists of 21 miles starting at the South Rim, going down into the canyon, and back up to the North Rim! After waking up at the crack of dawn and hiking for 9 hours we accomplished our goal and it was absolutely gorgeous (despite not being able to feel our legs)!”

Cameron Keeton:

“For fall break I traveled to northern Washington and Canada. I flew out of OKC on Wednesday and arrived in Seattle, Washington by nightfall. My reasoning for traveling so far in such a short time was to visit my sister. I was able to spend two and a half days in Canada.

While there, my family and I hiked and viewed the fall colors on the coast. The most enjoyable and strenuous hike I went on was up Grouse Mountain, just outside of Vancouver, BC. This hike is called the “Grouse Grind” and is only two miles long; the distance is not the challenging part, the entire hike is at a steep incline with an elevation gain of 2,800 ft. When we started the hike it was foggy and cloudy. Once we completed the hike we were looking at the beautiful mountain tops with a sea of clouds below us.

After leaving Canada, my sister and I caught the Light Rail and traveled to downtown Seattle. We enjoyed the city market and the music from street performers. It was a quick but relaxing trip.”

Stephany Reyes:

“My brother, Jonathan Reyes, and my friends, Kevin Noriega, Lindsey Rauner, Niria Quinoños, and I went to New York City for fall break. We went to New York to pick up a car my father had bought my brother and I.

On Wednesday morning, we flew into Boston, toured the city, then caught the Greyhound to New York City. On Thursday and Friday, Jonathan and I gave Kevin, Lindsey and Niria a tour of the city. We visited Central Park, 5th Avenue, Time Square, Greenwhich, World Trade Center, China Town, Brooklyn Bridge, and Wall Street (where we stumbled across the set for Gossip Girl!). We also rode the Staten Island ferry so that we can see the Statue of Liberty.

I’m a New York City native, so I had already experienced most of these attractions, but it was exciting to me to go back and visit, and I was excited for my friends because it was their first time being in the City. On Sunday evening we began the 25-hour drive back to SNU. It was quite a drive, but I had a blast!”

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