Third Time’s the Charm

Third Time’s the Charm

Long hours, blazing hot practices, and countless steps taken all over the football field– many people may not realize it, but this is the reality for students in the SNU’s Crimson Storm marching band. As one of the first groups back on campus after the summer break, our marching band has been working hard to provide memorable entertainment for this coming year.

This fall marks SNU’s third year to have a marching band. Daniel Abrego, the director of the marching band, takes all summer to prepare the theme for the show, rehearsal drills for students, and music that pulls the audience in. Not only is there music to arrange and choose for the halftime show, but also music that is played in the stands during the football games.

The Crimson Storm marching band may be young but so far have been very successful. Director Daniel Abrego commented on some of the success that the band has seen so far, such as “being in charge of the Oklahoma State Fair Parade” and performing at events such as “Siren and the football games and Six Flags.”

While performing well at all these events and bringing good publicity to SNU are both important successes, Daniel Abrego and Percussion Captain, Christian Morse, were both adamant about focusing on a different type of success.

Morse, a junior at SNU, explained that the band has a large priority of “making sure the freshman have a good family that they can rely on, just like I was given my freshman year. The goal for this year is really just to try and be the best we can be and not put a limit on that.”

Similarly, Professor Abrego mentioned that “one of the most rewarding parts of the band for me is hearing the end of the season stories from the students. How they came from a place where they were more of a number and to hear them say that [SNU] is different from other places is really rewarding. We really try to build a community”.

This feeling of a tight-knit community is evident in the strong performances seen by the Crimson Storm at every home football game. You may be wondering at this point “What’s the theme for this season’s show?” Abrego mentioned that this season will be “celestial and the songs will revolve around the stars.”

If you’re interested in checking out SNU’s amazing marching band then you’re in luck– see them perform in the stands and on the field at every home football game, and give a loud cheer for the SNU’s Crimson Storm marching band!

(Photo by Selene Gonzales)