Through the eyes of an international student

Marion Brodys.  Photo by Jonathan Hane
Marion Brodys. Photo provided by Macy Sliman

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer

   Everyone has a story. They are all so different, and all of the diverse backgrounds we have on campus is part of what makes this place so beautiful.

   Marion Brodys is from Bremen, Germany (which is in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg – not hamburger, just Hamburg.) Her native language is German, but she can speak a variety of other languages including Spanish and English. Her major is International Studies with a double major in Spanish. She came to SNU on a golf scholarship.

   About life in the United States Brodys said, “It is so much different from living at home, obviously, but it is always very exciting. And it just makes me grow and become more independent by living on my own and not having my parents take care of everything.”

   While she does like it here, she also loves living in Germany. She suggests everyone take the opportunity to visit if given the chance.

   When Brodys gets homesick, she misses her grandma’s food, certain places, and getting to talk in German. While she does get homesick, she also feels very blessed to be in the US, and she finds comfort in the international student community.

   Marion says there are small differences between the US and Germany that stick out to her, like being homesick or not getting to go home on the weekends like most students. There are challenges to living in a new place, but to Brodys it is something you can overcome.

   Marion loves the weather here because in Germany, the summers are short and it does not get too hot. Her favorite things about home are her dog and her family. She also loves the area she lives in because it is easy and fast to travel to other places in Europe, which is something she enjoys.

   “I think the best advice to a new international student would be to have fun! It is important to be aware of the fact that sometimes life is hard here but if you give it a little time, it will turn out fine, and, in the end, we can all just be so thankful that we are given the opportunity to be here!”