Volleyball Season Begins at SNU

Volleyball Season Begins at SNU

As we start a new semester at Southern Nazarene University, students once again get to participate in fall sports. One of my favorite sports, along with many others at SNU, is volleyball. As this season opens up, I chatted with volleyball juniors Ashley Finch and Whitney Bowie about this upcoming season.

Whitney Bowie is a middle blocker on the volleyball team. Having played here before, Bowie is very familiar with the teams SNU will play, to the extent that she even has favorites. “My favorite team to play is NWOSU in their gym,” says Bowie. “They always have hecklers and the stuff they say is usually really funny. Being heckled always keeps me in a good mood because it makes me laugh and I get to play free and have fun.”

“Honestly, I am expecting this season to be full of success for us. We’ve put in the work, and we’re getting better every day. I am expecting us to play hard and have fun every day of practice and every game. We are constantly pressing forward and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish. Our love for each other and our passion for the game will be evident every time we step out on that floor.”

SNU’s right side, Ashley Finch, has played volleyball for a long time. When asked her favorite things about this team, she had a lot to say. “My favorite thing about volleyball is my team and the way we interact and play together. I always have so much fun in practice and in games. We all get along and truly love each other. It’s such a fun and exciting game to play and it’s better when you love who you’re playing with.”

Since fall sports are back, most fans are excited about new players and new tactics. That feeling is no different for players like Finch and Bowie. “I am most excited about [being] able to see how we play in games,” said Finch “I think that no one is expecting us to do what we are going to. I can’t wait to see the excitement we are going to have for each other. It’s gonna be an awesome season!”

“Come out to the games!” said Bowie. “We’re all really excited for this season and it is going to be very full of energy and fun!”

You heard it here! Support our volleyball team during the 2022 season. You can find their schedule on the SNU athletics website.