What to Expect from Mortar Board This Semester

What to Expect from Mortar Board This Semester

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Amy Calfy, Staff Contributor
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Mortar Board Week has been taking place this week on campus with several events being hosted by SNU’s chapter of Mortar Board, a National Seniors Honor Society based on scholarship, leadership and service.

Today, Mortar Board will be having a Pie-Your-Professor event at the front of the Commons. Professors from different departments apart campus will be participating in this fun event where students will be able to pay three dollars to throw a pie in their professor’s face.

C.J. Hornback, the President of the SNU Chapter, says students will also be able to write thank you notes to their professors at the booth.

“We definitely want to do something where we’re not only throwing a pie in our professor’s face for fun, but really show that we appreciate them,” Hornback said.

Mortar Board is raising funds to purchase medallions for its graduating seniors. As part of Mortar Board Week, they had a Chick-fil-a night on Tuesday and a bake sale on Wednesday. Due to leftover goods, they continued the bake sale on Thursday.

After this week, Mortar Board has several other events planned for this semester. They are partnering with the Tri Beta Biology Club to do a service project through the Hope Chest in April. Two more service projects are in the process of being planned.

This year, SNU’s Mortar Board chapter has been able to organize more events thanks to the participation of its members.

“Up to this point, our members have done a really good job of participation. That’s something that we’ve struggled with in the past, and so having members that are able to come to a lot of events and want to come to a lot of events really helps strengthen our chapter,” Hornback said.

Mortar Board is a National Seniors Honor Society based on scholarship, leadership and service. To be eligible for membership, students need to have 90 hours and a 3.4 GPA. The SNU Chapter currently has about 35 student members.

Mortar Board members receive numerous benefits such as increased car insurance, discounts on test prep, and several other discounts. Although an individual’s active participation in Mortar Board only lasts for a year, students who join are members of the society for life.

Later on this semester, Mortar Board will be voting on new members and initiating a new class of members for next year. Applications for Mortar Board are currently being accepted.