Why I Read theSkimm

Why I Read theSkimm

A single constant in my college career has been getting an email every morning telling me news about the world. Ugh. Boring, right? WRONG.

theSkimm is a news source for people, like me, who get bored reading everyday news. Every weekday morning, I am greeted by theSkimm in my email inbox. So typically when I wake up in the morning, I will “Skimm” the news for the day.

The best part of theSkimm is that the news is put in a simple to understand format. There is one main topic for the day (that usually pertains to what the President is doing) and several other general widespread news topics. The writers of theSkimm add pop culture terminology that adds another layer of relatability. It is targeted towards women, but there are many men who read The Skimm.

Some of the pop culture terminologies are hilarious and relatable, but I no longer read the lead in titles. Now I just stick to getting the information from the article. As time progresses, you might feel the same way in that the lead in titles overshadow the actual information or seem insensitive. I would say that is one of the only critiques I have heard or have myself. For example, “What do you say when your friend drops their avocado toast? Uh oh. We just dropped a bomb on Syria*.” (*That was a made up example)

It’s important to be informed and theSkimm offers a simple way to receive information. The news in the daily emails lends itself to be researched and read about further, but it is a jumping off point for current issues. Learning about the current events in the world is important for personal and societal growth. Receiving information about the world from an outlet that seemingly tries to remain neutral is helpful. It allows members of a society to be able to make their own informed decisions about hot topics in the media.

It takes me only a few minutes to read theSkimm email every morning, a time that I would have probably spent getting out of my bed and scrolling through social media. Now when I read it, I have packed my brain with information about current topics, seem smart compared to my friends, and I have an excuse to stay in bed a little longer.

theSkimm has been with me throughout my college career, and therefore, I am a big advocate of it. Reading the news is no longer time-consuming, as I actually want to read the news now. The writers make it interesting to read.

Unless you are already reading the news or don’t want to lose the joy of being ignorant to the problems of this world, then take a moment and subscribe to theSkimm. You might learn something new.

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Mady Martin, Staff Writer
Mady Martin is a Senior Business and Behavioral Science Multidisciplinary major from the “Bethany Bubble.” She studied in Vienna this past semester which explains why freshmen don’t know who she is and she doesn’t know who they are either. She likes Lemonade, both the drink and the Beyoncé visual album.