Winter Weather Recap and What to Expect This Week

Winter Weather Recap and What to Expect This Week

Do you want to know what the weather calls for this next week? Well, look no further! Hello! My name is Dezmond Williams, and I will be talking a little bit about the recent weather, as well as the forecast for this next week.

This past week has been a muggy and rainy one, with ice and freezing rain coating the town of Bethany on Sunday night. The students of SNU were excited to hear about the delay of school until noon on Monday unless you had a class at noon or later of course. Unfortunately, for those who were hoping for another day of no school, the ground was not cold enough to freeze the remaining moisture. We did see multiple days of mist which led to dense fog around the area.

Following the days of mist and fog, we were met with light to moderate rain for most of Friday, which thankfully did not freeze over during the night. Saturday was a cloudy day with the sun only appearing among the clouds late in the evening. This is the first time the students and faculty of SNU have been able to see the sun since Sunday, January 21st. 

When asked about this past week’s weather, SNU professor Jim Smith simply stated, “I do not enjoy this type of weather.” I think Professor Smith may be a lot of us at this point and time. SNU student Dakota Sheffield had somewhat of a different opinion on the weather, saying, “Last week’s weather was very relaxing. Just looking out the window amid the constant drizzle and fog was a very surreal experience.”

Now, for the forecast for this week. Sunday started the week off strong with clear skies and a high in the mid-fifties. Thankfully, the trend of warmer weather will continue as we are looking at highs in the low to mid-sixties for most of the week. This will be followed by a 60% chance of rain on Saturday, with temperatures dropping to a low of 36. This downward trend will continue into Sunday with a high of 46 and a low of 30, which might spell trouble if we have some water left on the roads from Saturday. 

It is important to note that forecasts are not 100% accurate, as many different factors can change in an instant. The predictions and forecasts are based on weather patterns and computer models. Thankfully, technology is advanced enough to give us about 85% accuracy on the tracks. Still, we are looking at some great weather compared to what we have seen in the last week, so be prepared to shed those heavy coats and snow boots in the near future! If you are like me and love the light jacket weather, then these next few days are for you!


Photo by Dezmond Williams