8 Ways to Play in the Sunshine at SNU

8 Ways to Play in the Sunshine at SNU

After a long, rainy weekend, the warm sunshine has finally arrived over Oklahoma City. There is plenty of time to enjoy the sun before the next storm arrives, and students have a variety of options for outdoor activities that they can choose from in the meantime.

  1. Go for a bike ride.A person riding a bike

Pull your rusty bike out of the shed, air up the tires and refresh your bike-riding skills around campus or on a trail in OKC. This is a great activity to do alone to get away from the chaos. Bring your earbuds and listen to that workout playlist that has inched its way to the bottom of your listening history.

2. Have a tennis match.

Buy some cheap tennis rackets and tennis balls from Goodwill and take advantage of the much-neglected tennis court on the far side of campus.

3. Play campus golf.

Borrow a golf club and take extra advantage of your tennis ball purchase by playing campus golf. Pick a series of objects around campus as your targets and battle your buddies to a few rounds after you finish classes in the afternoon.

A person in a hammock


4. Go hammocking.

Invest in a hammock that you can set up on the posts in the gazebos on campus. Bring a good book to read, a buddy to chat with or just take a much-needed nap in the sun between your pre-finals-week study sessions.


5. Play sand volleyball.

Catch up with friends and meet some new people at the sand volleyball courts for an afternoon or late night match. Don’t forget to bring your volleyball when you go!

6. Play disc golf or ultimate frisbee.

Those metal posts with chains around campus are not just for decoration–they are targets for disc golf. Invite some friends to play a round or two. If you have enough people for two full teams, you can also move to the Bracken lawn to play a game of ultimate frisbee instead.A person throwing a frisbee

7. Picnic in the sun.

After your long day of play, find your favorite blanket, some snacks, a friend and head out to the grass for a relaxing picnic outside. You can catch up on homework, or take a short break from the end-of-semester stress to close your eyes and listen to the birds or a great playlist.

8. Take a drive or walk around a lake.

Hop in your car and go drive around Lake Hefner or Lake Overholser with some friends. Blast the music and sing like nobody can hear you. Or make it a nighttime activity by going in the evening to watch the sunset over the water.

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, whatever you choose to do, do not forget to take some time to rest from the stress of classes–and have some fun with your friends before you go your separate ways for summer break.

(Photos courtesy of Laura Pratt, Bonnie Kittle, Erik Witsoe, and Josh Rocklage on Unsplash)