A Dive into How Students of Different Majors Study for Their Classes

A Dive into How Students of Different Majors Study for Their Classes

Buckle up fellow SNU students. In this treacherous whirlwind of college life, the look for effective study habits is a wild ride, and we’re about to take you through the twists and turns of student strategies around campus. Grab your Chick-fil-A as we dive into the downright complex approaches students take to conquer this academic maze. 

Meet Sahmaiyah Harris, a senior student pursuing studies in multidisciplinary youth ministry and music. As we spoke about her favorite places to study, she stated, “The Fine Arts building is where I do my homework. I’m extroverted, so when people are around me talking, it helps me do my homework even more.” When asked about what her daily homework load looked like, she replied, “It depends on the day. Particularly, there is a lot more homework for my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes.” Sahmaiyah is also part of the SNU band and its divisions, playing the bass clarinet, and is a master in her craft. 

After asking other students these questions, Julia Lopez, a pastoral ministry major and psychology minor freshman, commented, “I prefer to study in my room; that way I don’t have many distractions. I’m a very social person, so if I see someone I know at the library, I’ll go talk to them and forget about my schoolwork.” However, Zada Lamb, an elementary education freshman, states that studying in her room is impossible, saying, “It’s my place of relaxation, and I can’t study in a place where I am supposed to sleep.” It’s fascinating how we see a wide range in where students study. While some enjoy studying in their dorm, others seem to not concentrate and at times detest it, with each student adapting to their liking and environmental stimuli.

Now, let’s delve into the experiences of MaK Wilkerson, a freshman student majoring in nursing. In our conversation, she shed light on her time management strategies, revealing a structured approach to handling her demanding workload. She mentions, “Instead of going out and wasting time doing things that aren’t productive, I’ll sit down with friends and study with them, whether it’s note-taking, asking each other questions, or sometimes to only support one another. It helps a lot!” She emphasizes how being surrounded by her friends has a positive impact on how she both studies and performs in her everyday activities.

 As we wrap up this journey into the diverse experiences of some of our SNU students, let’s reflect on the valuable advice given by our fellow trailblazers. The echoed voices of Wilkerson, Harris, Lamb, and Lopez create a symphony of guidance for those embarking on their college adventure. From crafting effective time management strategies to embracing the importance of balance and the prioritization of mental health, their shared insights form an electrifying tapestry of wisdom, willpower, and most of all, passion. 

As you navigate through the corridors of SNU, let these words serve as a compass, guiding you through the highs and lows. Each piece of advice is a gift from those who have walked the same paths, faced the same challenges, and emerged wiser on the flipside. So, dear reader, may your academic journey be filled with discovery, growth, and the unwavering belief that you are not alone on this thrilling adventure!

Our campus offers many resources that help students in need of tutoring, whether it is in math, writing, or even complex subjects such as calculus or graphic design. There’s help in every corner to ensure student success at SNU! Also be sure to check out some advice on starting a strong study routine from our very own Editor-at-Large, Emma Dilbeck, a junior biology-chemistry major and English minor. Happy studying!


Photo by José Ramos