Starting a Strong Study Routine

Starting a Strong Study Routine

By now you have (hopefully) made it to all of your classes and gotten to know your professors and classmates. If for some reason you haven’t made it a priority to do so, I highly encourage you to take that step to build community because these people will be in your close circle for at least the next five months. Aside from connecting with your community, it is also essential to start a solid study routine. Here are some simple steps on how to start a study routine and stick with it.

Step 1. Schedule studying into your day. The truth is if you want to get studying done every day, you have to set a specific time to do it. I find that physically penciling in study time into my calendar allows me to prioritize it more. That being said, when you hear your Google Calendar notification going off to remind you that it is time to study, you have to honor it.

Step 2. Once you have a time figured out, you then need to pick a place to study. Some like to change their study spots depending on the subject they are studying for or what spot is available to them at the time. Others are set on a specific spot, but it is important to find what works for you. Ultimately, it is important to pick a place where you can study free of distractions and adapt if distractions come along.

Step 3. After finding a time and picking a place, you can then form accountability with a partner or study buddy. This can be a great way to see if you truly understand certain subject matters as your study buddy can test you and even teach you difficult topics. Make sure to choose your study buddies wisely because it is really easy to fall into the trap of having fun without really doing any work. Try to have a balance of both and set boundaries when needed.

Hopefully, these tips will help you establish a strong study routine. Remember, consistency is key and it’s okay to mess up sometimes. Always remember to keep putting in the work even if it feels daunting; I promise it will be fruitful. Showing up for yourself will always be worthwhile. 

If you ever find yourself struggling in a class, make sure to talk to your professor by visiting their office hours or visiting the SNU Writing and Tutoring Center. You can schedule appointments with a professor or tutor on the Navigate App. Be sure to check out one of our other articles here for more information about the Writing and Tutoring Center. Happy studying!


Photo by SNU Creative