How Your Attitude Affects the Classroom Environment

How Your Attitude Affects the Classroom Environment

Like anything in life, the classroom is what you make of it. It can be an environment filled with opportunities for learning and engagement, or a waste of time depending on the student. This is where attitude comes into play and the great importance of a positive mindset when it comes to school life. Being a college student means getting comfortable being in a classroom. With this, it also means getting comfortable with hearing lectures from professors and even engaging in discussions with fellow class members. Although this can seem overwhelming, it is where some of the best relationships can be built. 

Sophomore Braxton Burd said, “I used to never like being in a classroom and having to spend so much of my school day in it. The small school atmosphere here definitely changed that though.” He expanded on this, saying, “I feel like the size of the classrooms here are pretty small, so they’re very interactive. It has made me enjoy class much more.”

Because SNU is a relatively small college, the size of the classroom reflects that. This gives students a greater opportunity for personal interactions with their professors, making the entire classroom experience that much better. 

Aaron Fellows, a senior, credits group discussions for his newly found liking of the classroom. He said, “In many of my classes, we do a lot of group discussions and group work, and it has really made me like the classroom environment as a whole.” When asked about his thoughts on classroom mindset, Aaron said, “I think that it is everything, to be honest. My college experience has been much better since finding more joy in going to class.” He added, “Learning can seem like a chore at times, but the professors here really do a good job of making it entertaining. Having a positive mindset about getting an education is so important to having a good college experience.” 

It’s easy to have a positive mindset when it comes to the extracurricular aspects of college life. However, when this same attitude is applied to how students view the classroom, it can make a world of difference, not only in their grades but in their overall experience. Classrooms, specifically at SNU, are home to the types of learning and social interaction that are hard to find elsewhere. It is crucial that students try to appreciate these opportunities to the fullest and indulge in all of the benefits that SNU has to offer. 


Photo by: Sincerely Media via Unsplash