An Opportunity for Creativity: SNU’s Literary Magazine

An Opportunity for Creativity: SNU’s Literary Magazine

Talent comes in many forms. Sometimes it is something you can do, and sometimes it is how you see the world and express yourself. It is your creative talents that are being called upon today. Southern Nazarene University is proud to present the opportunity to show off your talents in this year’s Literary Magazine.

The Literary Magazine is a student-led publishing of creative works. Anyone on campus is allowed to submit work. No matter your major or division, if you are creative or artistically inclined, you are invited to have your skills published in the magazine. Christian Tadlock, the Editor-in-Chief of the Literary Magazine, encourages anyone who enjoys creative pastimes to submit. He comments, “I would like to see more people showcasing their creative talents. You may just do it for fun or as a hobby, even if it isn’t what you do for your major. If it is just something you enjoy, I don’t want you to feel discouraged or afraid of the amount of mass communication, English, and graphic design majors. This is not just for people in really artsy majors, it is for any creative person.”

In the past, the magazine has only accepted works by students, but this year, submissions are opened up to faculty and staff. Each person is allowed 2-3 submissions per magazine edition. This year, the magazine will also allow several forms of newer artistic mediums, such as digital art and short films. The other submission types are paintings, sketches, photographs, short comics (webtoons), short stories, and poems. Submissions are now open and will close next semester on January 31, 2024. Students can be on the lookout for flyers around campus and reminders in the weekly Storm Forecast about this deadline. 

Not only will you get the chance to get your work published, but there is also a monetary prize for the top 3 submissions. First place will receive $1,000.00, second place will receive $500.00, and third place will receive $250.00. Only students can win these prizes, even if they are on the magazine staff. The judging will be by faculty so that all students will receive a fair chance in the competition. 

The Literary Magazine is made possible by the generous support of the Edith Lantz Award for Christian Writing Fund. The donation was made with the specific goal of encouraging Christian writers. Dr. Melany Kyzer, the advisor for the Literary Magazine, states, “The way we define Christian writers is not that you have to have Christian content or theme, but as students who are writing as part of their own journey.” She continues, “I am really thankful for someone to do that (donate)–to give our students who may not even be in the areas of mass communication, English, and graphic design an opportunity to be a part of something and show their own creative works.”

The Literary Magazine is looking for volunteer staff for the Spring 2024 edition. If you are interested in helping with the magazine or submitting your work, contact the Literary Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Christian Tadlock, at The Literary Magazine looks forward to your submissions!


Photo by Melany Kyzer, Screenshot of the Spring 2023 Literary Magazine Cover