Fall Fest Recap

Fall Fest Recap

On the evening of Halloween, SNU hosted its annual Fall Festival. This was highlighted with the Trunk-or-Treat event, which was open to the Bethany area. Students and faculty from the school showed up and showed out in an effort to give the community a celebration like no other. Participants for the event were required to bring their own vehicle which could be used for many things. Whether it was handing out candy, doing face paintings, or having games available for visitors, each car and member brought their own entertainment to the table. 

Donald May, a football player at the school, helped his team deliver countless memories to all the kids who showed up to the festival. “Some of the other football players and I set up with lots of candy to be able to hand out to all the kids trick-or-treating,” said May. When asked about his experience at the event, May said, “It was really fun. You get to see a lot of different costumes and meet a lot of different kids with funny personalities. You could really tell how happy the kids were to be there, and we just tried to make it a memory for all of them.” 

Nick Blanchard, another attendee of the event, gave it much praise as well. He said, “It was really cool to see how many people from around here showed up and spent part of their Halloween with us. With all the different events people were hosting at their vehicles, I’m not surprised that kids were having such a blast here.” He also weighed in on some of the best costumes he had seen throughout the night, saying, “There were so many I loved: the ninja turtles, the Scooby Doo gang, the sumo wrestlers, the whole family dressed up as Toy Story characters…There were really so many to choose from.”

Although the festival was held for only a couple of hours, its turnout was extremely successful. Kids and parents were able to spend some of their Halloween at SNU’s annual Fall Festival, and hopefully, they are now excited for future school events. As mentioned repeatedly by May and Blanchard, each kid who attended looked extremely happy that they did and left with not only bags full of candy and painted faces but with memories that they will never forget.


Football team handing out candy-Joah Flroes

SNU Football handing out candy to a trick-or-treater


Photos by Joah Flores