Auto Safety at SNU

Auto Safety at SNU

Recently, a couple of instances of auto burglaries have occurred at SNU.  It appears that cars are being searched for valuables during late hours of the night.  Authorities are still investigating the issue as the suspects have not been caught or identified.  The two separate events happened on back-to-back nights.  It is unclear whether anyone has any information that could lead to a resolution regarding this issue.

The first occurrence happened on the second of November around three o’clock in the morning.  There was a male, seen on security cameras, going through people’s cars.  The authorities were alerted, but the suspect fled the scene before he could be encountered.  

It is believed that the suspect made his escape by making his way into a home near campus.  It is also believed that the suspect tried to enter at least seven or eight vehicles.  All of the vehicles were located in the Snowbarger parking lot.

The second occurrence happened the very next night on the third of November.  Michael Houston said, “Last night Bethany Police were called to the Chapman Apartments parking lot when an SNU Safety and Security Dispatcher witnessed suspects breaking into a car on camera”.  

The encounter between the suspects and police led to a car chase.  The suspects fled their vehicle and managed to escape from authorities.  It is unknown, at this time, if one of those suspects had anything to do with the first burglary attempt, though it is likely.  It is unclear whether these criminals are aggressive or not, so please do not confront them.  Instead, call for help and provide them with your details.

It is important that every individual who keeps their vehicle on campus overnight is sure to not leave any valuable belongings in their vehicle.  It is also important to double check and make sure that your vehicle is locked before leaving it unattended for the night.  

Security has retrieved some items that were nearly stolen.  If you are missing any of your possessions, head to the security office to see if the items are there.  It is important to avoid this issue by taking every step possible to ensure that your belongings are safe and are not laying out in the open inside of your vehicle.

If you, or anyone that you know, has any information that could lead to a finalization of these crimes, please let security know.  It is important that we catch these criminals, so we can maintain a safe and protective environment on campus here at SNU.

SNU Security and the Bethany Police Department are doing everything that they can to provide us with a safe learning environment, but everyone’s help is needed to ensure our safety.  Michael Houston said, “As always, campus safety is a community wide activity requiring our active participation.”  The chances of the suspects being caught is much higher with more people being aware of this issue.  Please keep an eye out for any suspicious and unsafe activity so we can make sure this problem will not happen any longer.

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Will Krivanek, Guest Writer
Will Krivanek is a freshman who attends Southern Nazarene University. He is from Union City, Oklahoma. His major is undecided at this time. [/author]