Brewing Connections: Coffee with Georgia Woodward

Brewing Connections: Coffee with Georgia Woodward

As you walk through the bolting heart of SNU, you might find yourself drawn to the enchanting aroma of coffee. Tucked within the center of the library stands our beloved coffee shop, a favorite in the books for our students and faculty alike. Here, we can find Georgia Woodward, a dedicated sophomore studying psychology, serving the best drinks out there.

Georgia’s connection to SNU is deeply rooted and influenced by family ties and distance. “My sister came to SNU, and I live in Mustang,” she states, explaining her decision to join the community. Her journey to SNU wasn’t just about following her family’s footsteps, but also about crafting her own unique college experience, as Georgia is also in our school’s Equestrian Team.

Whether she’s meticulously crafting espresso shots or frothing milk for lattes, her role extends beyond simply serving coffee. She infuses every interaction with genuine warmth and friendliness. “Everyone is super cophoto by jose ramosol, and they make my job easy,” she says, her face lighting up as she discusses her recurrent interactions.

Georgia’s interests aren’t limited to coffee wonderland and academics. Outside the coffee shop, she’s passionate about her hobbies, which include playing video games, engaging in personal artwork, and playing tennis. Her well-rounded personality and diverse interests add layers to her already charismatic presence at the coffee counter.

One of Georgia’s best memories at SNU revolves around Extravaganza, a vibrant reunion that brought the Christian community together over coffee. “It was pretty cool watching everyone bond over coffee,” she recalls with a smile, reflecting on the event’s lively environment and the shared moments around our SNU Starbucks.

Her impact hasn’t gone unnoticed by her peers. Students like Star Lamb praise her not only for her friendly demeanor but also for her delicate ability to craft the perfect frappuccino. Bethany Crouch adds, “She’s awesome! A super sweet human who always gets me exactly what I need,” underscoring the positive influence Georgia has on her fellow students.

In Georgia Woodward, we find not only an iconic barista but also a spirited soul whose talents extend far beyond the Starbucks counter. Her relentless pursuit of delight and caffeine-loaded conversations fill our campus with uplifting energy. Next time you need a boost, make your way to the coffee shop and get to know Georgia. In her conversations, each cup hits differently, adding an electric touch to your day!


Photos by José Ramos